If you have a website that has many people contributing to the blog, it can get chaotic. Adding in some old fashioned organized work flow can help things out, a lot.

One way to accomplish this is to restrict blog authors publishing rights to specific categories. For example if Blogger Bob writes for my business, but only writes about cars, then I can restrict him to posting only to the cars category.

This is a pretty easy thing to set up within your WordPress configuration. As with many little tasks, it is best accomplished with a plugin.

Download and activate the Restrict Author Posting plugin.

This plugin adds additional settings under each users profile that can only be edited by an administrator.

Now, if you go to Blogger Bobs profile under Users, and scroll to the bottom you will see this option: “Restrict Author Post to Category.” Simply select the category in the drop down box that you wish to restrict Bob to and save the applied settings.

When Bob logs in next, he will be notified in the post editor screen of his new restrictions.