In previous years the EEOC has opened its EEO-1 filing website by mid-January, however, due to the current federal government shutdown most agency functions have ceased, which may lead to a delay in filing EEO-1 reports for 2018.


After the Federal Government shutdown ends, it is unknown how long it will take to bring the 2018 EEO-1 filing website online, due to the possible background work that may be necessary to open the filing website. It is possible the expected March 31, 2019, deadline for 2018 EEO-1 filings will be extended, providing employers additional time to complete their 2018 EEO-1 filings.


In the meantime, employers are encouraged gather employment data from the fourth quarter of 2018 that will be used to complete their 2018 filings so they will be prepared to file once the agency opens the filing website. Employers must include each employee’s race, gender, EEO-1 Job Category, and physical information between October and December in a calendar year for EEO-1 Reporting.


Paylocity provides a standard Web Pay report, the EEO-1 Report File, which can be used to generate a data file for transmission to the EEOC. EEO-1 Report File should not be used to review which employees are counted for each EEO category. For the employee EEO category data, use EEO Detail Report. For headcounts without specific employee information, use the EEO Headcount Report.



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