• “I have been processing payroll since 1978. I have worked in several different environments and with several different outside payroll processing firms. Paylocity has raised the bar so high that, in my opinion, there is no other company able to compete.”

    KIM L. | Client Since 2011
  • “Ever since we came aboard, Paylocity has been nothing but efficient and professional. They've been wonderful to work with during implementation and our ongoing working relationship.”

    Deb P. | Client Since 2012
  • “I chose to go with Paylocity based on the fact that they actually listen to the client's needs and functionality requests, and do something about it. I am thrilled to be able to give feedback to them about 'what works and what doesn't'.”

    KELLY K. | Client Since 2015
  • “One point of contact for all my questions is phenomenal. I love the fact that I don't have to call a call center and re-explain my situation to a bazillion different people before I get my problem solved. I love the personable service we receive and all of the training as well. I recommend Paylocity to everyone I know!”

    Denise V. | Client Since 2014
  • “I like that my team and I are able to manage everything ourselves and from anywhere. If I do run into an issue or question, my Account Manager is always right there. I appreciate the responsiveness!”

    Bill M. | Client Since 2012
  • “No other vendors seem to have tools as powerful as Paylocity's. Particularly, the ACA compliance tools are industry-leading. Paylocity understands the ever-changing needs of businesses, plus the importance of meeting the expectations of younger tech-savvy employees.”

    Steve H. | Client Since 2013
  • “With Paylocity, it is super simple and fast to process timecards, payroll, and manage benefits. Customer service is also very responsive and always finds solutions.”

    Jason M. | Client Since 2013
  • “I tried using another payroll provider, but the set-up process was confusing and the customer service was bad. Paylocity set everything up for me and walked me through each payroll until I felt comfortable doing it myself.”

    Donna E. | Client Since 2009