Frequently Asked Questions

How do I reset my username/password?

If you have forgotten your password, contact your Company Administrator or click the Forgot Password link, located on the bottom left of the log-in screen. Once logged in, navigate to the Preferences screen to change your username or password.

Why am I unable to register?

Depending on the error message, it could be one of the following issues:
1. The Company ID, Last Name, SSN, and/or Zip Code entered does not match what is in Web Pay.
2. Access must be enabled by the Company Administrator in User Accounts.

Why do I not have an email on file?

An email address would not be on file if it was not entered, or incorrectly entered, into Web Pay. Your Company Administrator enters your work email address, but you may enter your personal email on the demographics page within your employee profile.

Who is my Company Administrator?

To find out who your Company Administrator is, reach out to your HR department. Typically, this person is your company’s HR or Payroll Manager.

What is my Company ID?

If a paycheck has been paid by Paylocity, the Company ID can be found in the direct deposit authorization. The Company ID is also located on the Check History Summary Report, in the upper left corner. Your Company Administrator can also provide you with this information.

How do I print a report/paycheck?

To print a single paycheck or a report of past paychecks, navigate to Check History. Once there, click on Print Summary Report to print the specified date range of paychecks. To print a current paycheck, navigate to Current Check and download a printable version.

Why is the temporary password not coming to my email?

Certain company Internet settings, firewalls, or spam blockers may be restricting the email from coming through. First check spam, before reaching out to your Company Administrator, who can contact your IT department for assistance.

How do I adjust my timesheet?

Depending on your security level, you may not have the ability to adjust your timesheet. If this is the case, reach out to your Supervisor/Manager to make corrections. If you do have the ability to adjust your timesheet, simply navigate to the My Timesheet screen on the menu bar.

Why am I locked out when I’ve only tried to log in once?

Typically lockout occurs after trying to log in five times in a row with incorrect credentials. If you receive the lockout message after one log-in attempt, click on the Forgot Password link at the bottom of the log-in screen to have Web Pay send a temporary password to your work or personal email address that resides in your employee profile. If you do not have one of these two emails set up in your employee profile, you will need to reach out to Company Administrator.

My company no longer exists. How do I get my pay-stubs or other documents?

You must reach out to the owners of the former company for assistance.