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2014 Guide to Backroom to Boardroom Payroll & HR

As a payroll or HR professional, you know how to get the job done. You know you are the keeper of valuable information and the doer of essential tasks. So why is it that you often have to fight to be valued as the asset you are? That’s what we call being in the backroom.

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The truth is Payroll and HR departments don’t belong in the backroom. They belong in the boardroom. In the boardroom you share insight and data about employee trends and brainstorm ways to take advantage of technology.

To get from the backroom to the boardroom might not be easy. But we believe you can do it if you have the right tools. To get started, download The 2014 Guide to Backroom to Boardroom Payroll and HR. In this new eBook you will learn the importance of trends like:


Mobility: How the increase in mobile devices is changing business

Employee Engagement: Why it matters and easy ways to make improvements

Big Data: How “big” data applies to small and mid-sized businesses & more!