Partnering together to enhance your business.

At Paylocity, we understand your industry, role, and clients are evolving. That’s why we’ve dedicated ourselves to helping you maintain your current client base, while simultaneously providing you a competitive advantage to win new business. Whether you’re a Benefit Broker, Financial Advisor, TPA, Worker Compensation Broker or Wholesaler, arm yourself with the tools, technology, and access to data only Paylocity can provide to help serve your clients better.

  • Protect Your Client Base
    While other payroll and HR companies are busy competing against you, we focus on working with you. Combining your services with HCM software that enhances your clients role is vital to retaining business.
  • Access an Intuitive Partner Portal

    With Paylocity’s powerful Partner Portal, you’ll have one-click access to relevant information about your client’s business, empowering you to make strategic decisions on plan design and advisor activities.
  • Have the Competitive Advantage
    The days of relying on a superior service model as your only key differentiator are long gone. Stand out from the crowd and partner with Paylocity to make you irreplaceable to clients.
  • Benefit from Innovative Technology
    Leveraging technology is an important aspect to providing clients solutions that address their daily challenges and company initiatives. With Paylocity, you’ll have a solution to help you meet your client’s needs.
  • Get Integration Capabilities
    Give your clients the freedom to choose from hundreds of vendors to create a unique solution that truly fits their needs with a variety of 180° and 360° integrations.
  • Be a Compliance Resource

    Take on a more consultative role and give your clients the tools and resources they need to meet the demands of every-changing government regulations, including ACA.


Use data to differentiate your services and drive change through a trusted channel.

We know your client’s needs are unique and that you serve them best when you understand their business. With our Partner Portal, you’ll receive accurate information in a timely manner when your clients extend secured accessibility.


Discover Paylocity’s growing library of information to help you stay informed about industry trends, government regulations, and more.


Interested in partnering with us?

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