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Increase employee engagement & productivity anywhere, anytime.

Built to be mobile-responsive, Paylocity software lets you view, manage, and update your system from smartphones, tablets, and yes, your computer. With 24/7 access to payroll and HR information, engage employees and modernize how you perform key tasks no matter where you are. Your employees can view paychecks, ask for time off, and even punch in right from the Paylocity Mobile App.

It's a mobile world.

Empowering employees with mobile tools is no longer revolutionary—it's necessary. Modern employees work from more places than just their desks. Laptops, smartphones, tablets, and ubiquitous Internet access have created a workforce that wants and expects to access important work functionality and data from anywhere.


Embrace mobile-responsive,
not just mobile-friendly.

Simply put, this approach means our development team designs for smaller screens first, then adds more features and content for bigger and bigger screens. In turn, our software is developed to perform flawlessly in any supported web browser, on any mobile device from day one. No matter where or when you need to access your payroll and HR tools, dynamic mobile-responsive software allows you and your employees to get the job done. This approach allows us to improve the user experience, optimize engagement, and design for the future.

Social Recognition Tool


Paylocity solutions wherever you need them.

Available on iOS and Android mobile devices, the Paylocity Mobile App allows managers, supervisors, and employees to conveniently use our solutions to do their work wherever the job takes them.

What can employees do in the app?

  • Login using Touch ID for faster, easier access
  • View paycheck information, check history, schedules, time-sheets, benefit information, and time-off requests
  • Access the company directory, update contact information, and recognize colleagues with Impressions
  • Stay current on company news, announcements, and employee achievements
  • Receive push notifications when time-off requests have been approved or checks are available to view
  • Plus, first-time users see a series of welcome screens to highlight key features

Social Recognition Tool Social Recognition Tool Social Recognition Tool
Social Recognition Tool

What can managers and supervisors do in the app?

  • +Review schedule changes and time-sheets
  • +Approve time-off requests instantly
  • +Receive push notifications for employee time-off requests, schedule changes, and employee recognition
  • +View and approve peer-to-peer recognition badges for direct reports

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