2020 Year End Resources

Designed for clients with 750+ employees.



We're here to help you during the Year End season. We’re here to help! Browse our upcoming webinars on all things Year End, and register to get tips and tricks to make this your smoothest year end yet. Please note: The webinars on this page below are most helpful for companies with more than 750 employees. Find our webinars for companies with 749 employees and less here.

Year End Dashboard

Approx. Length:
Approx. Length: 45 minutes

Register: December 1 at 10 am CT

Register: December 8 at 10 am CT

In this course, we’ll walk you through how to:

  • Navigate the Dashboard sections
  • Discover delivery options and paperless elections
  • Learn more about tax integration features for W-2s
  • Identify Year End deadlines and communication strategies
  • Access resources to assist with Year End troubleshooting



On-Demand webinars coming soon, please check back.