Choosing an HCM Partner? Online Reviews Can Help

April 03, 2019

Online reviews provide user perspectives, which are invaluable when consideration HCM options, planning, and getting buy-in from stakeholders.

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Buyer’s remorse is a feeling no one wants to experience, and this is especially true in a business environment where decisions cost large amounts of time, money, and effort to implement. Selecting a new HCM software partner means committing to hours of research, planning, and getting buy-in from stakeholders—and if it’s not the right fit, it can lead to inefficient processes, lost opportunities, and overall frustration among your team.

In today’s market, HCM professionals have many HR and payroll partner options. It’s important to find a partner who delivers the features and capabilities you need, but it’s equally important to evaluate factors such as the implementation process, ongoing product support, and overall ease of use.

So how do you prevent buyer’s remorse from happening to your organization? Take research into your own hands early in the buying process. Find out what existing customers are saying about the product itself, the level of support they are receiving, and their overall experience with the company.

 G2 Crowd, a trusted peer-to-peer business solutions review platform with more than 650,000 independent and authenticated reviews, is a great place to start your research. G2 ensures their reviews are authentic by running them through an algorithm, ensuring the submitter has a validated LinkedIn profile or business email address, and even having them reviewed by a real person. Additionally, software providers cannot influence their ratings, placement, or order with G2, so business professionals can trust they are viewing unbiased evaluations when making their purchasing decisions.

 G2 Crowd also compiles quarterly Grid® Reports, which gather these reviews and compile data to rank products in a variety of categories. Based on reviews from actual users, Paylocity was recently rated #1 in Satisfaction on 13 of these HCM software-focused reports:

Read candid testimonials from real-life Paylocity users anytime on G2 Crowd.

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