How to Find the Right HR and Payroll Solution for Your Business

January 13, 2020

Read our buyer’s guide and checklist to get the information you need to feel empowered to choose the best HR and Payroll solution for your organization.

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As your organization grows and changes, so do your human resources needs.

If you’re struggling with clunky, outdated HR and payroll software (sometimes called human capital management, or HCM, software) or disparate programs across departments, you likely already realize you could gain a lot from a new approach.

The good news is that the right HR and payroll platform can benefit your company to the tune of thousands, or even tens of thousands of dollars in additional revenue, boosted productivity, reduced attrition, and more.

What’s more, today’s market offers a number of sophisticated, customizable tools for companies of all sizes across industries. Plus, they give you everything you need to tackle both the tactical and strategic aspects of the human resources function.

To help you make sense of your options and find a platform that will truly deliver tangible results for your organization, we’ll dive into a few things you should consider before taking the plunge with a new HR and payroll solution.

Download our buyer’s guide.

Take a look at our checklist to get even more helpful tips.

Taking Inventory of Your Organization

Every organization has its own unique DNA.

When shopping for an HR and payroll solution, it’s important to keep in mind that you’ll need to look beyond day-to-day HR functions and consider the organization as a whole. If your employees can’t easily integrate it into their routines, the solution is not worth implementing.

As Josh Bersin pointed out in his talk at HR Tech 2019 in Las Vegas, as reported by HR Executive, “If employees don’t find it useful, if it doesn’t fit into ‘the flow of work,’ then it’s not going to be used.”

Therefore, it’s important to take a critical look at your own organization before diving into the deep end of HR technology, including employee-friendly tools that integrate into the programs your workforce uses every day. Think: mobile-friendly solutions that are also compatible with Microsoft Outlook, Salesforce, and other software programs your employees depend on to make their lives easier.

Remember, your employees expect an intuitive, user-friendly experience akin to the apps they use in their lives as consumers outside of work. Your solution should offer the same type of high functionality and low friction.

And let’s not forget factors like compliance and whether or not you employ remote workers. These variables will impact what types of tools you’ll need.

Comparing HR and Payroll Software Providers and Solutions

Remember what mom always said about shopping around? The old adage applies just as much with your HCM software, because what works well for one organization may not be the right fit for another. What’s more, today’s HR and payroll platforms are undergoing a metamorphosis in that an increasing number of providers are making it easy for you to implement and launch feature-rich solutions.

And the payoff is major. The Employee Experience Playbook for 2020 from Forrester says, “Better technology and tools alongside improved workflow systems enable employees to work more efficiently and feel good about helping drive company goals […] The ways in which employees experience their daily work activities have a profound impact on [employee experience].”

Also, look to see how different solutions allow employees to engage with their managers, teams, and with one another. Does the platform allow them to give their managers feedback? Recognize their peers? Take continuing education courses?

Finally, look for solutions that show the most promise of growing and scaling with your organization’s trajectory for the future.

Shopping for a Winning Customer Experience

While it’s important to “kick the tires” of the HCM solutions you’re considering, it is equally important to ensure your potential vendors themselves will integrate well into your organization.

Customer experience and service are both crucial to successful implementation, and you’ll gain the greatest ROI from providers who partner with your organization long after the initial transaction is complete.

After all, new platforms aren’t just adopted by the HR department — they’re adopted by the entire organization, which means every department will need to get up to speed. So do right by yourself and partner with a vendor who will provide support whenever and wherever it’s needed.

It’s important that providers aren’t just looking at the road directly in front of them but at what’s on the horizon when it comes to giving you winning services and strategies. This will enable them to help your organization adapt to shifts in the technological landscape and changes in the workforce.

Get Insights that Help You Untangle the HR Tech Market

Shopping for a new human resources software solution doesn’t need to be overwhelming. Our new buyer’s guide is designed to help you understand what capabilities to look for, what questions to ask to assess your organization’s needs, which features you should consider, how to evaluate providers, and how to get buy-in from key decision makers.

Download our free Navigating the Buying Process for HR and Payroll Solutions Guide.

Read our handy checklist, and get the information you need to feel empowered to choose the best possible solution for your organization’s unique needs.


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