Innovation Streamlines Complexities of HR & Payroll

August 05, 2019

Tangent Technologies successfully harnessed the power of automation to build a modern workforce using Paylocity’s solutions.

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Tangent’s dedication to innovation acted as a model for developing a highly-skilled workforce. To support this growth and lay a strong foundation for the future, Tangent partnered with Paylocity to modernize its HR systems

Relationships are Everything

Dan Shire, Tangent’s HR Manager, drew from his experience using Paylocity, ADP, and Paychex in previous roles and chose to partner again with Paylocity. 

“Paylocity had the upper hand primarily because of my positive experience with them in the past,” said Shire. “The customer service and hands-on support were fantastic, and still are today.”

Shire knew he had to prioritize simplifying burdensome processes and automating daily work to manage Tangent’s rapid growth. Starting with Paylocity’s HR & Payroll solution enabled him to address the intricacies of withholdings, tax filings, tracking vacation requests, and more. 

Shire then added Time & Labor, which included attendance and time tracking; Employee Self-Service Portal, giving employees a simple way to manage their information; and Performance Management to monitor employees’ progress and development. With the Data Insights Dashboard, the company continuously gains a deeper understanding of employee metrics, such as demographics, turnover, and labor costs.

Service and Custom Implementation Translate to Value

Market-leading, cloud-based technology is at the core of Paylocity’s solutions, but ease of implementation is critical for fast-growing companies like Tangent. Shire describes his deployment experiences as smooth and painless, as demonstrated by the integration of Tangent’s 401(k) system with Paylocity. Tangent’s 401(k) provider was wary whether integration was possible. Paylocity’s team stepped in and worked directly with their provider and enabled integration within just a few weeks—taking the challenge completely off Shire’s plate. 

“There was some customization involved because things had to be set up a certain way,” said Shire. “But most of that was handled directly by Paylocity, who went straight to my vendor without me needing to get involved.”

When asked about the value of Paylocity’s solutions to Tangent, Shire said, “In a word: service. I have consistently great experiences with my account manager and support representative. The company has never failed to follow through on the promises they make.” And these days, the Tangent HR team can do more with less, since Paylocity makes saving time a reality. 

Into the Future

“I know that by working with Paylocity I’m able to keep pace with all the things we’ll need to do as we continue to grow and as we expand into other states,” said Shire. “There’s a lot of functionality, much of which I haven’t even tapped into yet.” 

With the help of a platform like Paylocity’s, Tangent is now poised to capably answer the growing and changing needs of its workforce. Even when it comes to technology, experts and studies continually show that a people-centric philosophy is what garners wins. Tangent now has the HR metrics and data insights at their fingertips to propel even more growth.

Tangent has come to expect personalized, exceptional service from Paylocity to support its growth and developing needs, and Paylocity continues to deliver, time and again.


Learn more about how Tangent Technologies successfully harnessed the power of automation to build a modern workforce using Paylocity. 


Date Posted: August 5, 2019

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