System Integration Provides Flexibility and Efficiency

October 29, 2015

Finding an HR and payroll solution that allows integration can provide organizations the flexibility they need to be more efficient.

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In today’s tech-friendly world, people expect the devices and systems they use to work together seamlessly. Work emails sync with personal mobile devices. Watches sync with phones. Even appliances sync with the cloud. While this level of integration between systems has made our personal lives more convenient, business organizations stand to benefit even more.

When business systems communicate, departments are no longer forced to stay in silos. With the ability to access information instantly from anywhere, businesses can make more informed decisions without having to waste time gathering and processing data. This flexibility can benefit nearly every aspect of a business, from customer service to product development.

In particular, integration is hugely beneficial for payroll and HR departments because of the reduction of redundancy in employee-related processes. Take recruiting, for example. Traditional recruiting involves a “post and pray” mentality, stacks of paperwork, and limited ability to accurately track and assess the quality of candidates. To make matters worse, when a hire is actually made, all of the pertinent employee data needs to be re-entered into a separate system for payroll and HR purposes.

On the other hand, applicant tracking systems allow recruiters to strategically target job candidates and eliminate stacks of paperwork. By using an applicant tracking system that integrates seamlessly with the payroll and HR solution, all pertinent employee data flows seamlessly once the hire is made. This saves both time and money. As an added bonus, an integrated solution provides increased visibility to hiring managers. 

Another benefit of utilizing a system that allows for integration is the flexibility to select outside vendors that best fit the organization’s needs. Every business is different. Being forced to work with a single vendor limits an organization’s ability maximize efficiency. On the other hand, when an organization can select from multiple vendors that meet specific business needs and all integrate seamlessly together, the organization wins.

This a key reason why Paylocity chooses to integrate with other industry-leading vendors. By thoroughly vetting the vendors we work with and carefully managing the manner in which our systems integrate, we are able to provide our clients with the best possible solutions for all areas of payroll and HR. This philosophy provides our clients with the most effective platform for HR and payroll – a platform that no single vendor can effectively provide.


Date posted: October 29, 2015

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