Three Ways to Engage Gen Z in the Workplace

April 18, 2019

Engage the youngest generation in the workforce by creating values, reviewing your workplace flexibility, and embracing technology.

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Today’s workforce is made up of as many as five generations, each with their diverse demands and levels of engagement. The most recent generation to start hitting the workforce, Gen Z, will make up 24% of the global workforce in 2020. These individuals don’t remember a time before social media, and technology dominates their lives.

In order for companies to communicate effectively with Gen Z and fulfill their needs and expectations—while simultaneously attracting, retaining, and engaging them—they must be more innovative than ever before. We present here three ways to engage Gen Z in the workplace: 

1. Create value and reward efforts

While some may feel this group values exposure and experience over compensation and raises, don’t be fooled–this generation grew up during some of the most difficult times of the 21st century. Pay and employment terms are still the biggest motivators for this group. In order to engage Gen Z, companies need to place importance on financial rewards and promote career advancement and development opportunities.  

2. Review your workplace flexibility

Unlike the Millennials before them who searched for companies with a defined corporate culture and a sense of organizational identity, Gen Z is looking for a career with more freedom and opportunity to work anywhere at any time. Maintaining a healthy work-life balance is their top priority, which means they will turn down full-time office work for a few part-time gigs. To combat this trend and attract qualified Gen Z’s, companies should evaluate their ability to offer remote work options, even if it’s only part of the time.  

3. Embrace new technology 

It comes as a shock to no one that Generation Z is entering the workforce with more technological knowledge than ever before. In fact, in a recent study, 91% of Gen Z say the technology offered by an employer would influence their job choice. While embracing new technology may be daunting, especially with the potential distractions it brings, companies will need to meet the needs of this new digital native generation. 

The entry of Gen Z into the workforce will no doubt change the landscape of the current workplace. With their eagerness to be connected with not only their peers but managers as well, it’s imperative that companies provide them with the tools and technology to do so. Solutions such as Paylocity’s mobile capabilities keep team members in the know at all times of important company and personal information, while ongoing performance reviews and journaling fulfill their need for regular feedback. 

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Date Posted: April 18, 2019