Reasons Your Company Should Use HR Software

April 09, 2021

For every problem your business faces, software solutions offer answers with provable ROI. Learn how HR software can bring clarity to all aspects of your HR systems.

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For every problem your business faces, software solutions offer ready answers with provable ROI. This is true for things like content management, accounting, and marketing initiatives. Human resources software brings the same clarity to all aspects of your HR systems.

Most companies already use some form of software that touches on the needs of HR, but they may not use one central solution. HR managers might need to access various databases or disparate spreadsheets to compile the information they need. HR software gives you one solution to streamline the process for both managers and employees.

What Is HR Software?

HR software is a platform that gives you tools and processes to organize your employees in real-time. This gives you an overview of all employees and their availability so that you never run the risk of under-or over-scheduling for your needs. The platform also gives you data management tools to collect and store employee records, meeting regulatory compliance needs.

Your human resources software gives you a single solution to improve the workflow for HR. For your management team, this means a comprehensive way to store and retrieve information to help with scheduling, yearly reviews, and other aspects to maintain organization and compliance. For your employees, this solution allows for a user-friendly way to keep track of hours and request time off.

HR software solutions offer a single management platform for your HR staff to access reporting options, maintain compliance, and collect the information necessary to manage human resource needs. It gives your company a safe and compliant way to store sensitive employee data and to accurately maintain records. For your employees, it gives them control over requesting time off and managing their own schedules. You can use mobile options so that employees can log in to check their upcoming hours, make requests, and contact management through the system, so no request or communication falls through the cracks.

What Is the Purpose of HR Software?

Wondering what HR software does? HR Software organizes employee information and automates tasks for HR departments. It allows them to securely maintain compliance, access robust reporting options, and streamline their workflow so that they're able to complete complex human resource tasks efficiently.

Your HR software systems also allows employees to access their information, make requests, and manage their own time through an automated system. This improves communication and tracks all information so that there is an ongoing record for each employee and your overall company. It also reduces or eliminates the need for paper records, digitally transforming your HR department.

What Is the Difference Between HRIS, HRMS, and HCM?

You'll see all of these terms used in reference to HR software systems. It may seem like they're all different terms for the same thing. What makes this even more difficult is that many people use all these terms to mean the same thing. But they are slightly different. So let's look at each of them.

  • HRIS: It stands for human resources information system. HRIS software is specialized and often ONLY includes a very narrow part of hiring, training, organization of personnel records, and time management.
  • HRMS: It stands for human resources management system. HRMS are the most comprehensive. They include everything that HR needs to organize information, maintain compliance, and communicate with employees. It also incorporates things like payroll and benefits, as well as overall management aspects of business continuity.
  • HCM: It is a tool that stands for human capital management. Paylocity offers intuitive, easy-to-implement, and effective HCM solutions along with full payroll applications.

Why Does Every Company Need HR Software?

No matter the size of your company or what industry you're in, every business can benefit from a human resources management tool that's tailor-made to meet your needs. HR software solutions are designed to be intuitive and allow you to take advantage of some of the latest HR technology trends. They help managers streamline processes and improve compliance. At the same time, they improve productivity for employees.

What Are the Benefits of HR Software?

The whole point of HR software is to make your workforce management processes more efficient. Here are a few of the benefits of using HR platforms:

  • Data Insights: With robust reporting options, your management team can develop insights to propel better decision-making and excellent staffing solutions
  • Time and Attendance: Easily keep track of employee time and attendance.
  • Mobile-Friendly: With a mobile-friendly application, your HR team and employees can access the data they need from anywhere, at any time.
  • Integration with Your Business: Your HR software should integrate well with your industry software, allowing flexibility for higher efficiency and productivity.
  • Tax and Compliance: Make the complex simple with a system to organize and manage all of your needed tax data.
  • Promotion and Position Management: Allows management excellent oversight for staffing decisions, such as hiring, promotions, and position management.

How Does HR Software Help Recruitment?

Your HR software features include a number of tools to improve recruitment initiatives. Your HR team can scan and store resumes more efficiently, develop onboarding and training processes, and include checklists to verify that no stage is missed.

What Are Useful Tips to Know Before Buying HR Software?

Your HR software system is designed to improve the process for both management and employees. The features allow your company to capture and organize information securely while automating the complex HR processes for managers and employees.

When assessing HR management software, you should keep your own company culture and needs in mind. Some general things to look for include:

  • Interface: You want your solution to be user-friendly to limit training needs and improve compliance.
  • Fits Company Size: Not all solutions are made for all companies. Make sure the solution you choose has all the tools that you need for your staff today and as it grows into the future.
  • Robust Reporting: Your software should include reporting options that help you manage staff and allow for business insights.
  • Features: Make sure the HR features and tools offered are things that your company will fully use.
  • Price: Make sure to do a cost-benefit analysis to verify that your solution will be worth the investment.
  • Tech Support and Training: Your vendor should offer comprehensive tech support and training options.

What Are the HR Software Features and Capabilities Offered from Paylocity?

At Paylocity, our human resources software is designed to give you access to real-time information. This means that your staff has access to the latest information, and everyone stays on the same page. Always have the right number of employees in the right specialties on the job at the right time. We help you manage your productivity, stay in compliance, and maintain clear communication for a streamlined workflow that improves your bottom line and eliminates stress and frustration points for your employees. Stay compliant. Stay up to date. And make your HR management responsibilities more intuitive for a better experience for everyone.

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