A Buyer’s Guide for HR and Payroll Solutions: Manufacturing

July 01, 2020

Use our guide to find a scalable and effective HR and payroll solution that can help your manufacturing business keep productivity up and workload down.

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Manufacturing companies face ever-increasing production demand while the skills gap threatens to leave millions of jobs unfilled. Seasonal work fluctuations, shifting regulations, supply chain disruptions, and the pressure to maximize productivity make the industry uniquely challenging. But the right HR and payroll solution can help you streamline recruitment, scheduling, and compliance today so you can focus on developing and engaging your workforce to give you that competitive edge that gets you closer to achieving your goals for tomorrow. 

Our guide walks you through the critical questions to ask and steps to take to get buy-in so you can make an informed decision on the right solution for your business. 

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HCM in the Palm of Your Hand

Now more than ever, you need tools suitable for a hybrid, on-the-go workforce. With employees working in the field, from home, or from multiple locations, a mobile solution where they can easily request time off, submit expense reports, or check timecards is critical to keep them connected in the new landscape of work. See how our mobile app can empower your teams.