Evolution of Engagement: Building Digital Employee Communication Experiences with Cammie Bricker

May 26, 2022

Join this discussion on building a positive employee experience with transparency and effective communication.

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Corporate transparency and effective communication are important elements of employee experience that can influence turnover and recruiting. A recent poll found that internal communications had a significant impact on employee engagement, boosting transparency and trust.

Join Shari Simpson and Cammie Bricker as they talk about how you tackle internal communication from the employee experience lens.

Guest: Cammie Bricker, Director of Change Management and Communications

Cammie Bricker is the Director of Change Management and Communications for Paylocity. She has over 15 years of experience in HR. Cammie has been an HRBP and has led several learning and development teams. She holds a Master’s degree in Applied Psychology (I/O) and a Master’s degree in Advanced Learning Technology.

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Shari Simpson

Senior Manager Thought Leadership
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Cammie Bricker

Director of Change Management and Communications
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