Proactive Threat Assessment for your Organization

November 11, 2021

Tune in to hear about the convergence of physical and cyber security threats and the success of partnerships between IT, Security, and HR.


Director of Threat Assessment at Georgetown University and Executive Director of the Ontic Center of Excellence Dr. Marisa Randazzo, and NYTimes Best-selling author and Executive Director of the Ontic Center for Protective Intelligence Fred Burton join Shari Simpson for an episode of PCTY Talks to discuss:

  • Behavioral threat assessments
  • The convergence of physical and cyber security
  • Partnership potentials between IT and HR

"We recently conducted a survey looking at a range of different protective intelligence kinds of issues, and some of the numerics back from that survey is that, literally. CEOs, at times, do not believe that this can unfold in their company. And that's one of the issues." - Fred Burton 

Resources mentioned in the episode:

  • American National Standard for Workplace Violence, Prevention, and Intervention Ontic
  • The Handbook for Campus Threat Assessment & Management Teams - Marisa Randazzo
  • Ghost: Confessions of a Counterterrorism Agent - Fred Burton

Hosted By:

Shari Simpson

HR Program Manager
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