With open enrollment season right around the corner, many employers are looking to their health insurance advisers for guidance. The challenge for some brokers, though, is the lack of access to pertinent employee data.


The more a company knows about its employees, the better it can craft wellness plans, benefit offerings, and employee assistant programs. The same can be said for benefit brokers – the more they know about their clients’ insurance needs, the better they can design insurance plans and provide guidance on compliance and regulatory issues.


Paylocity’s Partner Portal can help improve the data flow from clients by allowing access to all pertinent employee information. This ensures brokers have the data they need to best serve their clients.


With the Partner Portal, brokers can run basic queries or complex reports to obtain needed information on employee hours, benefit enrollment, workers comp claims, and more. Brokers can also schedule reports to run on a monthly basis so that when they log into the portal, the reports are already complete and ready to be viewed.


Having access to the data is just as important to a broker as it is to the client. As more and more clients are looking for their brokers to provide proactive guidance on insurance planning and regulatory information, Paylocity’s Partner Portal can help address this need. With easy access to client data and the ability to run reports, the broker can be more proactive instead of reactive during the upcoming enrollment season.


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