Payroll & HR Software for Midsized Business

The True All-In-One Platform You Deserve

Your business is growing and changing every day, which means it's probably time to upgrade to an HRIS software solution that can keep up. Inflexible, rookie solutions that create more problems than they fix just won't cut it. We partner with other midsized companies like yours to make our HCM systems better every day to help you:

  • Worry less about compliance with easy reporting and tax expertise at your fingertips.
  • Deliver an easy-to-use, mobile-friendly solution for your employees to manage their own HR data, connect, and collaborate.
  • Make better, faster decisions with powerful, insightful, predictive analytics.
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We Are With Your Mid-Size Business Every Step of the Way

Reliable, But Not Rigid HRIS

The peace of mind that comes with a dependable HR and payroll software for medium sized business also gives you the freedom to think about what's next — for you, your team, and your business. We're here for all of it.

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The HRIS Platform that Works for Midsize Businesses

Go Hands-Free

With our payroll software, you can put the power to look up PTO balances, pay stubs, and direct deposit information in your employees' hands — literally. They get the info they need when they need it, from any device, and you get your time back to the business of people.

We're Here for You

Our glittering reviews are no accident. The broad support ecosystem we have in place is designed with your success in mind. As your partner, we've got you covered with personalized service and deep expertise, implementation and far beyond.

Bigger, Better Data

Get your hands on the numbers and trends that will drive impactful decisions in the same place where you enter that data in the first place (and only once, by the way). Move quickly and effectively with our powerful, insightful, predictive analytics built into our HRIS systems for midsize companies.

Why Paylocity Makes the Grade

Get a lesson in modernization and
administrative efficiency from this 300-employee school that replaced burdensome HR and payroll processes to give staff the freedom to focus on preparing their students for the life ahead.

we're here to help

The Warmest Welcome Is Also Easy

Don't underestimate the cost of a poor onboarding in the employee experience. (If you're thinking it's around $30,000, you're on the right track.) Get our infographic for tips on how to start engaging your employees before Day One and a breakdown of the importance of starting your new hires off on the right foot.

Avoid Buyer's Remorse

The "right" medium sized business HCM solution for your business depends on your challenges today and goals for tomorrow. But researching all your options can take a lot of time, which you don't have. Find out the important questions to ask your internal stakeholders and potential providers to help you make this big decision.

The New Age of Engagement

Today’s employees want to play a role in creating their future in the workplace, but figuring out how to give your employees what they want and managing that change well is no easy task. Learn how you can include employees in creating a meaningful experience that inspires them to stay and drives results.

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