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Your company’s most important resource is your people. Their needs and wants are continually evolving, and people development is key. Our range of talent management systems helps you get top candidates in the door and on the path to success. New hire onboarding best practices; fair pay; diversity, equity, and inclusion; employee development; work evaluation; and empowering performance management are just the beginning to driving job satisfaction every step of the way and improving employee retention.

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Recruit Talent Through Desktop and Mobile

Extensive Talent Management System

Find The Best Fit

Transform the hiring process for you and your candidates. Reach your target audience, communicate with candidates, perform background checks, and increase employee retention with our streamlined Recruiting tool. Finding and hiring top talent just got way easier.

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Engage Before Day One

Eliminate hours of paperwork and consolidate your data entry with automated Onboarding. Gather important employee information (think: tax forms) and get to know each other (think: handbooks). Jumpstart your success together with a productive and engaging new-hire experience. 

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Keep the Progress Going

Give employees the performance feedback they crave. Talk about talent development and progress on goals throughout the year with journals. Simplify the review process using performance management software, with automated features that help track performance and give employees visibility into their progress year-round.

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Ensure Fair and Competitive Pay 

Use compensation data to ensure employees are fairly and accurately rewarded for their work. Create, define, and manage your compensation strategy so you can stay competitive and prioritize your people and your bottom line. 

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Create a Learning Experience 

Take the heavy lifting out of product and compliance coursework with our flexible, affordable, and integrated solution. Easily launch classes, include internal experts in developing trainings, and track progress with the modern flexibility of an app that can be scaled to meet the needs of employees in any work environment.

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Prioritize Your People

Attract Top Talent

Find the right candidates who will help your company reach its goals and contribute positively to your teams.

Promote Engagement

Start new hires off on the right foot so they immediately feel welcomed and connected to your company.

Improve Job Satisfaction

Develop your employees through career conversations, work evaluations, and training courses to help them succeed.

Two business leaders using Paylocity's Talent Management software.

Creating a Consumer-Driven Talent Management System

Today's employees have growing and changing expectations of their experience in the workplace based on modern conveniences in their daily lives. Discover the key areas of the employee experience in our ebook.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A talent management system (TMS) is a software or cloud-based system that helps HR teams identify prospective candidates, manage onboarding, and train and develop employees throughout their career paths.

Ask any HR professional what resource matters most to them, and the answer remains the same: their people. That’s why having a quality talent management software is so important to HR departments.

The importance of attracting and retaining talent, coupled with increasing employee expectations, puts more pressure on what is needed from a talent management system. Paylocity’s talent management solution adapts with the constantly evolving nature of the workforce, keeping you at the forefront of what’s next.

The key components of a talent management system relate to the employee lifecycle: recruiting, onboarding, and performance management.

  • Recruiting: Many systems have built-in features like automated job postings to expand reach, background checks, data collection, texting, video messaging, and more that can help engage the right candidates during the hiring process.
  • Onboarding: Talent management solutions work to simplify the administrative and integration aspects of onboarding, from gathering critical information like I-9 verification to providing customized welcome notes from teammates and leaders.
  • Performance Management: A TMS often includes tools like goal management and 360-degree feedback to keep employees motivated and feeling accomplished in their growth.

More sophisticated talent management software also includes compensation management or a Learning Management System (LMS) to help with training and developing employees.

Trying to manage current and future employees can be taxing. From extending job offers and executing orientations to work evaluations and trainings, HR teams’ can be consumed by manual tasks.

One of the many benefits talent management tools bring to the table is the ease of automation. Quickly pulling workforce analytics, assigning tasks in an LMS, or posting jobs can now be done in minutes with a smooth integration. HR teams can save time – and money – by spending more hours focusing on employees and strategic initiatives.

Another benefit to talent management software is the ability to analyze – and develop – your talent in a much more meaningful way. This rich analysis can help you identify pay gaps, administer promotions fairly, and make smart, data-driven decisions to attract and retain the best talent in the industry. Learn more about how to leverage HR metrics  in our resource library.


Data Insights

Monitor key metrics, identify trends and make smarter, data-backed decisions with visual dashboards.


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