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More connected HR tools and processes start here.

There’s no need to choose between simplicity and flexibility. For clients, APIs open our single platform so data flows automatically between systems and is always up-to-date—no matter what your tools and processes are. And for third-party developers, APIs make it possible to build solutions for the millions of users on our platform every week.


Easy-to-Use APIs

Paylocity API Library

Use our developer-friendly APIs to connect Paylocity to other critical business systems.

User Guide & Best Practices

Accelerate integrations with best practices and tips for configuring our APIs and webhooks.

Developer Documentation

Get all the information you need to request access to our APIs and start your integration

Flexible Webhooks


Automate processes across systems when actions or employee changes occur in Paylocity. Our webhooks push updates across your business in real time when payroll is processed and when employees are hired, transferred, terminated, or other common changes occur. 

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Common Integration Use Cases

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