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Navigating the War for Talent

What sets Paylocity apart from other legacy providers is how we help you differentiate your employee experience and culture throughout the recruiting process. We  help you fill seats more quickly, but more importantly, with the right people. Leverage intuitive resources like video tools and two-way email and texting to streamline the talent acquisition processes.

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New England Authentic Eats uses Paylocity to streamline their recruiting and onboarding processes.

Watch how they did it here.

Accelerate Recruiting and Attract More Candidates

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Extend Your Reach

Customize job listings and reach more candidates with automatic posting to online job portals.

Minimize Compliance Risk

Use market data to ensure compliance with laws and regulations related to employee pay.

Keep Compensation Competitive

Browse market data directly within Paylocity to help define roles and compensation. This data will sync to the position in the future to simplify pay decisions.

Streamline Talent Acquisition

Use templates to extend offers and receive signed responses digitally. Get real-time access to candidate information to enable quick decisions. Configure custom workflows to automate communication and approvals processes.

Promote Inclusivity

Empower candidates to share their preferred name, ask optional identity questions in the application, or mask information that may promote bias in the hiring process.

Engage Candidates

Conveniently reach candidates by text or email and track all conversations within the platform. Leverage video to drive even more engagement.

Share and Differentiate Your Culture

Use customized videos in the job postings and on your career page to highlight your company's uniqueness and stand apart from the pack.

Easily Launch Background Checks

Seamlessly use our partner Checkr for all federal, state, and local background checks as well as drug screenings.

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Highlight Your Culture with Video

First impressions are everything when it comes to managing talent. Easily record and add video content to job postings to grab attention and help candidates visualize working at your company. Ensuring alignment of company values and personal values, and of course expectations of the role, will help turn candidates into employees.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Recruiting software is used by HR professionals, such as recruiters and hiring managers, to streamline the overall hiring processes. This includes simplified and custom applications for resume intake, seamless communication through the platform, real-time access to candidate information, and the ability to extend offers to top candidates.

Cloud-based HR recruiting software makes the process of sourcing and hiring talent easier than ever. Some key benefits of talent acquisition tools include:

  • Gain time through streamlined processes: Each stage of the hiring process exists within the platform, from automatic job portal postings to extending the offer letter. A recruiting platform can reduce administrative burden and improve your time-to-hire efficiency.
  • Easier candidate communication: Conveniently reach candidates wherever they are via multiple channels, including email and text messages. In a competitive talent market, it’s important to be agile, and hiring software makes it easy to get in touch with candidates quickly, using the methods candidates prefer.
  • Stand out from your competition: Go beyond simple text-based job postings and include prerecorded video messages. This adds a personal touch and showcases your employer brand to prospective talent that will make you stand out against your competition.

Yes, Paylocity’s hiring software is an Applicant Tracking System. The Paylocity platform can help you manage the entire hiring workflow, from job portal postings to managing offer acceptance. The cloud-based hiring software centralizes all tasks and communications related to recruiting, making it easy to track applicants and move them through the hiring process.