We collaborate with clients to create great software.

Paylocity centers on you, your company, and your people. Analyzing usage data, listening to feedback, having client conversations, and working directly together uncovers the best ideas to help meet your unmet needs.  

Being Our Own Customer

Backed by a culture that cares, we join early adopters in exercising our product features before release. We refer to this as “Drinking Our Own Wine,” or #DOOW.

Continuous Delivery

Good enough is not enough for us. Our delivery doesn’t stop at the release of a new product or feature. We continue to listen to customers and enhance the product.

Agile Development

We work in short sprints to deliver working software incrementally. Our team collaborates on how to sequence the new items and how to iteratively deliver value.

We take your feedback to heart.

As a co-creator or early adopter, we seek feedback at every step of the way so that we can validate our thinking and ensure we are headed in the right direction. Watch how our co-creation process makes our technology better. 

The Results Speak For Themselves

We’re consistently recognized as a Great Place to Work, and our solutions help us create a modern workplace where employees are engaged and thrive.

Our Clients Become Fans

See what our clients say about their experience on G2, where they give us accolades for the intuitive solutions we provide and the innovative support we deliver.

Commitment to Service

We want you to succeed long-term and day-to-day. You can count on our experts to work with you to make your job easier, freeing you up to focus on your company’s complex needs.

Your Success Matters

As your long-term partner, we stand by your side to ensure success – from Adoption Kits to help you hit your goals to valuable resources that make compliance less complicated and taxes seem easy.

Advocate Program

Join a community of visionaries, influencers, and pioneers and celebrate your successes – and the solutions we’ve co-created together – through Paylocity’s Advocate Program.


It should go without saying that we take security seriously. But we’re going to say it anyway: We take it very seriously. In fact, we make ensuring your security across the board our top priority.

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