HR Workflows and Document Management

Focus on the Bigger Picture

HR sits at the intersection of employees, leaders, and their organizations. That means you can have significant impact, but also that much of the work you do is administrative — not to mention manual. Fragmented processes and systems prevent true automation.

Workflows, the process automation engine embedded throughout the Paylocity platform, improves efficiency and data accuracy. Coupled with the centralized document management of Document Library, HR can stop shuffling paperwork and chasing approvals. Instead, you can focus on the strategic initiatives that drive communication, collaboration, and connection — and ultimately impact your organization’s bottom line.

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How Workflows Help HR

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Pre-Built Templates for Common Tasks

Use templates for common use cases, like driver’s license collection or handbook sign-off.

Customize Your Own Workflows

Create your own workflows with unlimited steps and approvers to automate your unique processes.

Delegate Tasks and Approvals

Assign steps to specific employees, or to a subset of employees. They’ll be automatically notified and can even complete tasks via mobile.

Run Automatically

Workflows can be configured to launch automatically based on certain conditions, cost centers, locations, frequencies, or start dates.

Track and Manage Status

A simple dashboard provides easy visibility into workflow progress so you can see where there’s a hold-up. This is also where you can send nudges for task completion or rescind a workflow.

How Document Library Helps HR

Digitize Your Documents

Our digital document management solution makes it simple to store files, from offer letters to performance reviews, in a centralized location.

Upload in Bulk

Save time by uploading to a single place rather than individual employee records.

Streamline Document Collection

Request documents as part of a workflow. They’ll automatically be saved to the employee’s record.

Collect Digital Signatures

Minimize paper and speed along tasks by empowering employees to sign digitally.

Share with the Right People

Role-based permission settings ensure you can determine who can access documents, taking the stress out of employee file management.

Find What You Need, Quickly

Save time looking for documents by searching by employee, category, file name, and more.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Workflows in HR are the sets of common, repeatable tasks that are part of larger HR processes. For example, sending a new hire the form to submit their drivers’ license information is a workflow within the larger process of document collection during onboarding.

Document management software helps HR digitize their documents for easier storage, updating, and sharing. A digital document library is also more eco-friendly than printing stacks of papers, and it’s much easier to locate the documents you need when you don’t have to dig through filing cabinets.

Paylocity can manage employee documents — employee handbooks, non-disclosure agreements, health forms, performance reviews, and more — as well as company documents like compensation records and exit documents.