Enterprise Payroll & HR Software

Consolidated, Streamlined, and Integrated HR

Your organization is complicated — but your HR and payroll solution doesn’t have to be. Optimize processes and foster employee growth with a modern enterprise HR and Payroll solution that:

  • Automates administrative burden and scales with your organization
  • Integrates with existing business systems
  • Empowers all-star recruiting efforts
  • Goes beyond traditional HCM to build culture and connection

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Strategic Tools for a Modern Workforce

All-in-one Enterprise Payroll & HR Solution 

Flexible, Customizable Payroll 

Simplify managing enterprise business payroll with user-friendly software built for you to run payroll anywhere, anytime. 

  • Worry-free payroll with reduced manual data entry and automatic payroll audits.
  • Preview, revise, and verify your general ledger instantly before processing payroll​. 
  • Determine employees’ state and local taxes automatically and activate global payroll for international employees.

Choose From 350+ Integrations

Seamlessly connect our end-to-end Payroll & HR platform with other solutions to meet the needs of your business.

  • Activate connections based on your needs and manage all your active integrations right within Paylocity.  
  • Integrate with key business systems like Xero, Oracle, Sage, Clover, Square, and more. 
  • Use our open, developer-friendly APIs to connect Paylocity to any system. 

AI-Powered Insights 

Get meaningful metrics on your enterprise business’ workforce to build data-driven strategies.

  • Gain visibility into system utilization, employee engagement, and organizational health with actionable HR analytics and advice. 
  • Uncover and analyze employment trends, and use them to build a diverse workforce. 
  • Create customized dashboards to quickly view your most important KPIs.

Elevate the Employee Experience

Drive communication, collaboration, and connection.

  • Foster a culture of connection from day one though our online social collaboration hub
  • Increase morale and give employees the ability to recognize their coworkers for a job well done using peer recognition tools. 
  • Collect feedback from all levels of your company to create positive change and improve your culture. 

Strategic Workforce Management 

Eliminate unplanned labor costs and minimize compliance risks with smart workforce management automation.

  • Automate time tracking to help you run error-free payroll. 
  • Enable employees to clock in and out via mobile, web, kiosk, or other timeclock options. 
  • Easily create, update, and distribute employee schedules, even while on-the-go. 

Why Paylocity?

Paylocity helps HR team manage 1,800 employees across multiple states.

Complex businesses require integrated solutions. Modernize your company with powerful all-in-one enterprise payroll software your employees will love. 

Go Beyond the Paystub

Streamlined HR

Automate manual tasks and minimize compliance risk so you can focus on the important strategic work that adds the most value to your organization.

Attract Star Talent

Modernize your recruiting and onboarding with technology-first experiences that engage candidates and new hires alike, so you can jumpstart your success together.

Grow Culture and Connection

Drive communication and collaboration with tools that encourage employees to connect to each other, to their work, and to your organization.

Award-Winning Enterprise Payroll & HR Products

FAQs on Enterprise Payroll and HR  from Paylocity

Yes, Paylocity will integrate with your existing business systems, including Xero, Oracle, Microsoft Dynamics 360, Sage, Clover, Square, and more. If the system isn’t in our Marketplace, we offer easy APIs for custom integrations.

Paylocity’s award-winning customer service team provides support from Day One of implementation, answering phone calls in 20 seconds or less during business hours. There are also on-demand resources in our knowledge base available 24/7.

Yes, Paylocity and Blue Marble offer global payroll services for international employees in 100+ countries. We make it easy to manage US and global employees in one place with single-sign-on and aggregated reporting, plus managing foreign currencies and country-specific compliance.

Paylocity’s systems are ISO 27001:2013 certified, and we conduct annual SSAE 18 audits for SOC 1 and SOC 2 Type II. We use third-party auditors to regularly assess our procedures, processes, controls, and infrastructure. These certifications reflect our commitment to data protection throughout our organization. Learn more about how we protect our clients here.