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Your Complete HR and Payroll Remedy

When you have medical staff focused on patient care, you want to make sure your operations are seamless and providers feel supported. All-in-one HR and payroll software helps you manage complicated scheduling requirements, fill in your staffing gaps, and build your employees’ skills.

  • Streamline your scheduling, minimize missed shifts and tardiness, and track shift differentials.
  • Go paperless with integrated payroll and compensation planning tools.
  • Create and deploy employee trainings and track their progress and certifications.

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Invest in Your Employees to Deliver the Best Care for Patients

Run Seamless Payroll

Simplify healthcare payroll with user-friendly software built for your complex needs.

  • Automate payroll processes, including calculation of prorated and retro pay.
  • Integrate payroll with other business systems and transfer information on 401(k), retirement plans, and benefit files with preferred vendors.
  • Give healthcare professionals early access to a portion of earned wages during the active pay cycle with On Demand Payment.

Simplify Your Scheduling

Manage hospital staffing needs while ensuring labor law compliance in one central platform.

  • Create, view, and edit schedules — even while on-the-go — and empower employees to claim and swap shifts in the Paylocity mobile app.
  • Support shift differentials that meet your medical practice’s needs.
  • See reports on schedule gaps and employees’ preferred or unavailable time.

Keep Employees Up to Date

Ensure your workforce is current on their learnings.

  • Create and assign custom compliance and healthcare industry courses.
  • Drive employee growth and career development, which are proven retention boosters.
  • Foster a culture of learning by empowering subject matter experts to create custom trainings and share their knowledge across the organization.

Lift the Burden of Compliance

Streamline how you monitor, manage, and report on labor compliance.

  • Keep your teams up to date on changing regulations.
  • Monitor compliance easily in one place with our intuitive Compliance Dashboard.
  • Maintain meal and rest break compliance, as well as other Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) regulations.

Create a Culture of Connection

Reduce turnover with tools to keep employees engaged.

  • Collect anonymous feedback with custom employee Surveys.
  • Give employees a way to connect outside of work with a social collaboration hub. Incorporate employee recognition into your practices with peer recognition capabilities.

Innovative HR Solutions for Healthcare

Tackle your day-to-day HR tasks so you can keep your team focused on patient care.

  • Seamlessly launch federal, state, and local background checks as well as drug screenings to get your new hires into the field faster.
  • Store documents in a secure, central, searchable location.
  • Visualize data in real time to monitor key HR metrics and easily share with your team to take action.

The Paylocity Difference

A Partner Who Cares

While you're juggling the demands of your medical practice, our award-winning support is here so you get the help you need when you need it.

Innovative Product Development

We invest 15% of our revenue back into our product, so you can improve efficiency, save time, and focus on your health facility.

Empowering Employees

Give employees not only the power to access info like PTO balances and pay stubs, but a means to stay connected and better collaborate.

Supporting Healthcare Leaders Just Like You

Engagement Tools: Game Changers for Health Group

San Luis Valley Behavioral Health Group (SLVBHG) knew engagement was critical to the well-being and long-term happiness of their clients and employees but struggled to find the best means to do so.

Home Care Provider Breaks Down Silos with Modern Platform

Without an effective channel for on-the-go communication across the organization, Integrated Life Choices’ (ILC) leaders, HR teams, and employees struggled to collaborate.

Get Help to Find the Right Solution

Patient care and ever-changing regulations make healthcare complex, but the right HR and payroll systems can make taking care of your employees simple. Use our buyer's guide to find the right fit.

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FAQs on Healthcare Payroll

Paylocity helps hospitals and medical practices address staffing shortages with a variety of features to attract and retain healthcare professionals. 

Our Recruiting features offer simplified and custom applications for resume intake to maximize your candidate pool. There is also seamless communication through the platform, real-time access to candidate information, and the ability to extend offers to top candidates. 

Once new hires have started, they can be onboarded quickly through automated document collection and tools that help HR teams integrate them into the organization. 

But recruiting and onboarding are only the beginning. Paylocity also offers customizable employee trainings, a social collaboration hub, performance management software, and plenty of other tools to keep employees engaged. 

Healthcare organizations face several human resources challenges that can impact their ability to provide quality patient care. Some of the most pressing HR challenges in healthcare include:

  • Scheduling: The ability to effectively manage hospital schedules, from shift limits to accurate tracking, is a significant hurdle, especially for organizations that try to schedule employees manually.
  • Training and development: Healthcare professionals must continually update their skills and knowledge to keep up with the latest research and developments in their field. Providing ongoing training and development opportunities can be difficult for medical practices.
  • Compliance and regulation: Healthcare organizations must comply with a range of regulations related to employee safety, privacy, and security.
  • Retention: Retaining healthcare employees is challenging, particularly in the face of burnout and stress. Organizations must work to create a positive work environment, offer competitive benefits, and provide

Improving employee morale in healthcare requires a multifaceted approach that includes recognition and appreciation, effective communication, work-life balance, professional development, and a positive work environment. By prioritizing employee morale, healthcare organizations can improve patient care, reduce employee turnover rates, and create a more fulfilling work experience for their employees.