Who We Are

The Art of Caring: How to Lead with Your Heart

Paylocity CEO Steve Beauchamp addresses the challenges ahead, and explains why he thinks the people of Paylocity are poised to rise above them.

Forward Together.

It’s people that matter most. And it’s people who exist at the heart of Forward Together.

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Our Turn

It’s hard to put into words exactly how much our clients mean to us, but that doesn’t mean we won’t try. Instead of asking them to describe what it’s like working with Paylocity, we turn the spotlight on them and the great work they do every day.

“We wouldn't be here without you. You're definitely the glue that keeps organizations together, that keeps us positive, that keeps us moving forward”

“A special shout out to my HR superheroes [...] Thank you, not only for our partnership, but for what you do in the local community.”

Your Voice. Your Experience.

The positive results you drive for your business and employees as a leader in HR and payroll, is a story worth telling. Join the PCTY Advocates community professionals as invested in their people as you are.

Our Core Values

Everything we do is rooted in our shared values. They are our North Star, our guiding light. They drive how we make decisions, treat each other, and define success.

earn it, every day

Greatness isn’t bestowed. It’s earned. That means challenging ourselves and one another to be better. Because we don’t assume our competitors are satisfied either. We meet problems head-on and push through. We put in the work because that’s what separates good from great.

growth fuels opportunity

Continuous growth is essential. But it’s not just about revenue. It’s about maximizing success by realizing our greatest potential — personally, professionally, organizationally, and for our clients. It’s about capitalizing on the opportunity for growth.

think next generation

The ideal response to the status quo is a continual hunger for something better. We will celebrate our victories, but we cannot — and will not — camp out there. We were made for more. We will tap into our curiosity, everywhere and at all times.

live the reputation

Integrity matters, and we do what we say. We build trust intentionally, through every interaction — with clients, partners, and each other. We speak and act with honesty and transparency. We own every decision, personally and collectively.

be unbeatable together

No one part is greater than the whole, no matter the role. “We” is what makes us different. We’re intentional about silo-busting and flattening out hierarchies. We hear, affirm, inspire, and challenge one another.

Dig into the Paylocity Story

Our people are the Paylocity story.

Yesterday, today and tomorrow are all about our people and building a culture that inspires them at work and everywhere.

Our swagger comes from our service.

That impressive product portfolio brings us plenty of pride, but our legendary service is what really gives us the strut in our step.

Our tech magnifies your superpowers.

We're always working to deliver the insights and real-time recommendations that help you drive better business outcomes.