Small Business Payroll & HR Software

Rest Easy with Quick, Accurate, Scalable Payroll

Simplify running payroll and filing taxes for your small business with an intuitive, modern platform and expert support. Save time (and risk) knowing your payroll is processed accurately and efficiently each time and get time back in your day to focus on other areas of your role. No matter if you’re looking to outsource to a small business payroll provider for the first time or thinking about switching from your current vendor, Paylocity makes it quick and easy to get up and running.

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Comprehensive Payroll Capabilities

Simplified, Accurate Payroll

As a Registered Reporting Agent with the IRS in all 50 states, Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands, and Guam, trust your small business payroll tax filings will be done correctly and on time. ​

  • Calculate, file, deposit, and reconcile payroll taxes - plus state and local withholding tax returns ​
  • Manage and file federal and state unemployment tax returns ​
  • Prepare and deliver W-2s and 1099-MISC forms (employee and employer copies) ​
  • Resolve tax notices on your behalf, with no change to your address with taxing authorities

Expert, Professional Tax Services

Use technology as connected to your school as you are.

  • Give teachers and staff access to a self-service portal where they can access pay stubs, tax documents, schedules, and more.
  • Improve timeliness when it comes to form and contract deadlines.
  • Identify staffing and compensation trends and get smart, actionable recommendations on how to improve your organization's health.

Streamline and Automate Processes

​Seriously cut down the time you spend each week on manual, redundant tasks and all those other things you swear should be easier. ​

  • Automate requesting a change of status, position, or compensation, and obtaining the required levels of approval
  • Customize general ledgers, accruals, and complex reports with our experts ​
  • Gather necessary new employee information easily with editable, drag-and-drop templates ​
  • Connect other tools your small business uses, like QuickBooks Online, 401(k) platforms, POS systems, and much more ​

Intuitive Employee Self-Service

​Save hours in your week by empowering employees to manage their own HR and payroll data and stay connected through a self-service employee portal – accessible any time from your desktop or mobile app. ​

  • View paychecks, tax forms, and company documentation ​
  • Make changes to direct deposit and personal information​
  • Manage time off balances and request time off
  • Clock in and out by punching digital timecards​
  • See company news and announcements in a central location​

Quick, Reliable Customer Support

We become an extension of your team from the very start. Your success starts with a smooth implementation and onboarding experience, backed by a long-lasting partnership. ​

  • Responsive, friendly assistance from dedicated teams via email, live chat, or phone ​
  • On-demand access to knowledge base articles, how-to trainings and guides, and support center ​
  • Ongoing guidance from trusted advisors, product experts, and dedicated service teams​

More Than Just Payroll Software for Your Small Business

Time & Attendance​

Eliminate paper timesheets, reduce administrative tasks, and track time worked to run an error-free payroll, with no manual re-entry.​

HR Consulting

Get day-to-day HR assistance with expert consulting, access to a comprehensive resource library, and employer brand guidance.

Benefit Administration​

Simplify enrollment and help employees see the value of the plans you offer, manage their own elections, see contribution amounts, and more!​

On Demand Payment​

Give your employees financial flexibility to access to a portion of their earned wages before the next payday.

Expense Management

Automate expense reimbursement with the ability to create and track expense reports, simplify approvals, and pay employees back faster.

Compliance Dashboard​

View, track and monitor important employee compliance items in a single spot and stay informed on the latest tax and HR compliance laws.

Join the thousands of small businesses who trust us with their payroll needs!

Small Business Resources

Navigating the Buying Process for HR and Payroll Solutions​

All payroll and HR technology is not created equal. Use this guide to help you find the right solution for your small business.​

What to Know Before Purchasing Payroll Software​

Spend less time navigating conversations and more time implementing solutions with this helpful buying guide checklist.

Tips and Tricks: The Modern Payroll Playbook

Learn how automation, data, and flexibility can be the keys to relieving your small business’​biggest payroll headaches.​

FAQs About Small Business Payroll from Paylocity

Ultimately, the cost of payroll software for small businesses varies. Paylocity bills on a monthly basis, not per your pay cycle, and the amount inevitably depends on which modules and services you need and how many employees you have. And you don’t have to worry about upgrade costs or tiered pricing thresholds as you scale! Request a payroll software demo to explore your options and find out more about payroll solutions for small businesses.

Any business that has employees is liable for payroll taxes. It depends on the state where you operate your business, but payroll taxes typically include the following:

  • FICA (Medicare and Social Security taxes)
  • Federal, state, and local income taxes
  • Unemployment insurance taxes
  • Disability insurance taxes

Paylocity’s small business payroll program can assist with preparing, reviewing, and filing taxes, as well as ensuring your organization stays compliant with current tax laws.

Small businesses can make big waves in their employees' lives and in the surrounding community. So you need a payroll processing solution that does the heavy lifting for you. Our small business payroll options eliminate administrative burdens, minimize risks, and engage employees. Paylocity also comes bundled with a comprehensive suite of HR solutions tailored to small business, further freeing you up to focus on what matters.

Small Business Payroll Guide

The Benefits of Using Payroll Software as a Small Business

Pinching pennies is part of the game when you run a small business, so it’s natural to wonder if payroll software for small businesses is worth the cost. Many small businesses spend countless hours pouring over spreadsheets; however, manual payroll can yield inaccuracies and costly payroll errors, like employee satisfaction plummeting when organizations bungle their paychecks or penalty fees for improperly filed payroll taxes.

Sure, you can keep crunching numbers, but if you’ve ever wondered if payroll could be less DIY and more set-it-and-forget-it, there are payroll solutions for small businesses like yours.

Opting for a small business payroll program can transform your payroll process, saving you time. How does this sound:

  • Automation eliminates redundancies and reduces errors
  • Streamlined payroll improves efficiency and frees up time
  • Integrations simplify compliance with DOL standards, tax rates, and records retention laws
  • Enhanced access to meaningful data leads to informed decisions
  • Buttoned-up payroll leaves room for business growth

The last thing you need is to spend hours running your payroll when you could be building your business. So now, let’s find the right payroll provider for your small business. 

How to Choose a Payroll Provider for Your Small Business

Let’s walk through finding the right payroll provider for your small business, starting with features and ending with what to look for in a provider.

Must-Have Payroll Features

There are a lot of payroll options available for small businesses. However, knowing what to look for can be challenging, and it can be tempting to choose based on price alone. Instead, look for the following full-service payroll features to ensure your solution works for your small business and avoids false starts.

  1. Integrated time tracking that eliminates manual entry
  2. Direct deposit offers convenience for employees and HR
  3. Compensation management keeps your organization agile while preserving your bottom line
  4. Customizable payroll reports provide real-time insights into critical metrics
  5. Automated tax filing, built-in tax tables, and W-2 generation streamline compliance
  6. Self-service empowers employees to access and update data
  7. Expense management makes tracking receipts and reimbursements easier for you and your employees

It’s important to find all-inclusive payroll software for small businesses. Otherwise, you can incur additional costs when your HR and payroll solution is spread across multiple systems. Keep it simple and in one system.

Additionally, an all-inclusive payroll system is primed to grow with you, offering a full range of capabilities that can evolve with your organization. If you’re not ready for compensation management today, it will be there tomorrow.

What to Look For in a Payroll Partner

Because your needs are unique, you need a provider that seamlessly fits your organization’s operations. Keep the following in mind as you vet potential payroll companies.

  • Find a small business payroll provider known for customer service. When you have questions, you should know who to call and trust you’ll get an answer. Look for a payroll vendor that will provide a dedicated support team so you know you’re getting the answers you need quickly.
  • Look for a vendor that offers concierge service and customizable support during the onboarding period. Onboarding needs to happen in the background while your business continues to function.

A payroll company with your best interests in mind understands you need a solution that plugs into your organization with minimal effort.

  • Seek a payroll partner that can be with you every step of your business journey. Your business changes with your goals and your growth. Steer clear of providers that get you set up and then disappear; find a provider that checks in, listens, and makes adjustments based on your feedback. A quality payroll provider is committed to growth, too.

How to Change Payroll Providers

It may be the case that you already have a payroll provider and need to switch to one that works better for your small business. There are many reasons to switch payroll providers, including changes in your budget, technology needs, or satisfaction with your current provider. Fortunately, it’s simple to switch payroll companies.

  1. Before you terminate an existing relationship, schedule a payroll software demo  with potential providers to ensure you’ve identified the ideal solution to move you forward.
  2. Request a proposal from your chosen provider that outlines the modules you're interested in and cater to your small business needs.
  3. If you need buy-in from stakeholders, build a business case to outline your options and what your organization stands to gain.
  4. Review your contract to understand your responsibilities and possible penalties you might incur when transitioning.
  5. Provide notice and request reports of important information from your current vendor, such as employee data, pay stubs, and payroll register reports.
  6. Coordinate tax filings with both providers—identify who will be handling the filings. It’s better to switch mid-year, end of year, or end of quarter.
  7. Inform employees and key stakeholders about the impending change. Provide training, if necessary.
  8. Go live with your new small business payroll software and carefully review the payroll journal the first time you do it to pinpoint and amend any discrepancies.

Switching to a new payroll system as a small business may be one of the best decisions you make for your organization. Even though the process can seem overwhelming, on the other side, you’ll have a partner that grows with you and time back on the clock to invest in your business.