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Grow, Baby, Grow

Nothing about your job feels small. In fact, the effects of errors and delays actually feel pretty huge. You need an easy-to-use small business human resource information system (HRIS) that makes you feel like you've got the power of a small army behind you.

We've been using our own software since our days as a small business. We understand that you don't have the luxury of time or money. And the risk of inaccurate paychecks or ever-changing laws and regulations keeps you up at night.

Along with a couple clones of yourself, you need a small business HRIS that will help you:

  • Empower employees to manage their own HR data
  • Run payroll accurately and efficiently 
  • Cut down on manual, duplicate work that brings the added risk of inaccuracy
  • Minimize risk and enhance your brand at the same time with help from HR Edge
  • Deliver a cutting-edge, user- and mobile-friendly HR solutions for your employees
  • Make you competitive with the big guys in the war for top talent
Grow Your Small Business


Your small business HR management needs and goals today won't be the same in the months and years to come. Our HCM solutions are flexible so they can help you tackle your biggest priorities today and grow with you to continue to add value down the line.

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The HRIS platform that works for small businesses

Accurate Automation

To get back to doing the things you want to be doing, you need to get out of manually managing day-to-day HR tasks like time and attendance. Seriously cut down the time you spend each week on small business payroll processing and all those other things you swear should be easier. Now it is.

Self Served

Imagine what you could do with all the time you spend each week looking up PTO balances, pay stubs, and direct deposit information. With Paylocity's HRIS for small businesses, you can give your employees the power to find the info they need when they need it, from any device, and take back those precious hours from your week.

Small but Mightier

You may be few in number, but you're no small potatoes. Go toe-to-toe with the big fish in the employee experience and training you offer with resources like live HR consulting, a full resource library, custom handbooks, and compliance courses through HR Edge that will turn you into an expert.

Payroll for Your Growing Business

Paylocity offers payroll solutions tailored specifically for small growing businesses. You wear many hats, so let Paylocity streamline and automate your payroll processes, saving you time and money.

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More Payroll & HR Resources for Small Businesses

Payroll Is Just the Beginning

There are plenty of ways we're about to make your life easier, but it all starts with that big biweekly (or even on demand!) headache we all know as payroll. Eliminating paper paychecks is great, but we're giving you 5 ways to make your payroll processing a breeze. Download our infographic for tips you can start using right away.

Find a Solution that Checks All the Boxes

The "right" HCM for small business depends on your challenges today and goals for tomorrow. But researching all your options can take a lot of time, which you don't have. Our checklist gives you the important questions to ask your internal stakeholders and potential providers to help you make this big decision.

Read the Signs from Your Employees

"Employee experience" is more than a buzzword. It's part of the small business HR playbook. But you know that, because it's always there, hanging out in the back of your mind. If you're in it to win it, you're going to have to push it to the top of your list, but it doesn't have to be a mystery. We’re giving you 5 key things that might be holding you back from delivering an exceptional employee experience.

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