Flexible HR & Payroll Integrations

Seamlessly connect our end-to-end HR platform with other solutions to meet the needs of your business.

Some HR systems create “walled gardens” around your data or make it difficult to use other tools. Others don’t lock you in, but manual integrations and poor data quality create other challenges.

We deliver a complete, single platform solution with flexibility and choice built in. Whether you need to access data from Paylocity in other systems or connect other services and providers, Paylocity is your hub—helping maximize accuracy, increase automation and efficiency, and drive action across the organization.

Explore and activate integrations with best-in-class solutions

Extend the platform with hundreds of integrations available in the Paylocity Marketplace. Activate connections based on your needs and manage all your active integrations right within Paylocity. 

Build a custom integration with open APIs

Use our open, developer-friendly APIs to connect Paylocity to any system. And if you need developer resources to get started, you can browse vetted service partners in the Marketplace.

Automate actions across your organization

Trigger actions in other systems when employees are hired, transferred, terminated, or other common changes occur. Our webhooks push updates across your business in real time with no errors.

Partner with us

Paylocity partners with thousands of leading technology companies, service providers, and others to provide the best possible solution for our mutual customers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Payroll and HR system integrations enable your payroll solution to communicate with your other HR systems like time and attendance and benefits administration. When your payroll and HR software are connected, manual data entry is no longer necessary. This reduces the risk of errors, improves employee satisfaction, and drives compliance.

Learn more about HRIS integrations in our resource library. 

Wondering how to implement an HR system? Follow these steps:

  • Evaluate potential solutions, requesting a demo from the top three.
  • Create a business case comparing systems, costs, and benefits.
  • Involve key stakeholders in choosing and implementing a solution.
  • Build a project team to oversee the build and implementation.
  • Create a process map, keeping retention of previous payroll information in mind.
  • Request interfaces to drive integrated HR and payroll software.
  • Provide training to all end users and train a percentage of staff as super-users.
  • Go live with your new HR system.
  • Meet periodically to drive continuous improvement.

An integrated HR system is one that communicates one way or two ways with your other HR systems. For example, your time and attendance software should feed data to your payroll software, and your payroll software may then feed data to your retirement provider. Integrated HR software eliminates the need for error-prone, manual data entry in the HR department.

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