HR & Payroll Software for Manufacturing

Stay Agile With Turnkey HR & Payroll Software

Robust, all-in-one HR and payroll software can help fill open roles and address skills gaps while simplifying workforce management and compliance with the power of automation that you rely on.

  • Attract and retain top talent to give your organization a competitive edge.
  • Reach all employees with communication tools they’ll want to use.
  • Stay compliant and maintain workplace safety with on-demand trainings.

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Your Customers Won’t Wait for Your Hiring to Catch Up

Fill the Surplus of Open Positions

Quickly get new roles posted and attract qualified candidates through your website or online networks like Indeed.

  • Customize job listings and reach more candidates with automatic posting to online job portals.
  • Improve employee experience throughout the recruiting process and fill positions more quickly.
  • Seamlessly launch federal, state, and local background checks as well as drug screenings so your new hires can get onboarded faster.

Manage Workforce Time and Attendance

Track employees’ working hours and get powerful insights from real-time reports.

  • Focus on people and productivity rather than paperwork with real-time approvals, mobile punch, and geofencing (a virtual perimeter for mobile punches).
  • Support shift differentials, piece rate pay, and overtime without impacting payroll.

Uncomplicate Compliance

Minimize administrative burden and costly errors related to compliance.

  • Manage and update work authorizations and employee forms.
  • Allow employees to easily sign off on all documents they need to acknowledge, such as your employee handbook or social media policy.
  • Automate processes like employee classifications and calculating hours and overtime to comply with Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) regulations.

Build Up Your Workers’ Skills & Lift Productivity

Equip workers with the skills for success and boost retention with timely, customizable, on-demand learning.

  • Hire, onboard, and get employees on the floor quickly.
  • Assign out-of-the-box trainings, including state handed compliance, OSHA, and other standard courses.
  • Deploy and track trainings in the learning management system that can help reskill and upskill current employees.
  • Train your entire workforce on how to stay safe throughout the day not only to comply with OSHA requirements but also to protect your employees from dangerous accidents.

Automate Manual HR Tasks

Streamline management of manufacturing employees, documents, and compliance.

  • Give employees secure, 24/7 access to payroll and HR data via desktop or the Paylocity mobile app.
  • Pull reports, analytics, and dashboards that provide real-time, visualized data to help you monitor key metrics, identify trends, and make smart, data-based decisions.
  • Supercharge your HR with assistance on policies, job descriptions, training courses, and more.
  • Communicate important updates to your entire workforce on their phones — no work computer or email address required.

The Paylocity Difference

Your Partner in Success

While you're juggling the demands of your manufacturing business, our award-winning support is here to help when when you need it.

Innovative Product Development

We invest 15% of our revenue back into our product, so you can improve efficiencies, save time, and focus on your business.

Empowering Employees

Give employees not only the power to access info like PTO balances and pay stubs, but a means to stay connected and better collaborate.

Supporting Manufacturers Just Like You

Manufacturer Leverages HR Tech to Connect Deskless Workers

Automotive parts manufacturer CRP Industries turned to Paylocity to help connect disjointed communications and employees, who didn’t all have computers.

Manufacturer Saves 2,000+ Hours By Modernizing HR & Payroll

Discover how Wood Stone saved so much by implementing remote clock-in and clock-out capabilities, keeping workers connected, and optimizing data.

Furniture Manufacturer Pivots HR Strategy for Major Growth

Before POLYWOOD could scale rapidly during soaring demand, they needed a platform that could do more than just payroll—and ADP wasn’t up to the task.

How to Overcome 5 HR Challenges in Manufacturing

To overcome gaps between workforce supply and demand, manufacturers need smarter HR and payroll technology.

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FAQs on Manufacturing Payroll

  • Recruiting and retention: The manufacturing industry requires skilled labor, which can be difficult to find and retain.
  • Communication barriers: Not all employees have access to a computer or a corporate email addresses, so they don’t see important updates or company-wide messages.
  • Safety: Manufacturing can be hazardous, and employers need to provide a safe and healthy work environment. Employees should receive appropriate safety training.
  • Automation: The introduction of automation and digital technologies is transforming the manufacturing industry, so employers need to upskill employees to keep up.
  • Employee engagement: Employee engagement is critical to maintaining a productive and motivated workforce. Manufacturers need to provide opportunities for career growth, professional development, and employee recognition to keep workers engaged.

Paylocity helps manufacturers attract and retain workers with a variety of features.

Our Recruiting features offer simplified and custom applications for resume intake, integrations with LinkedIn and ZipRecruiter, seamless communication through the platform, real-time access to candidate information, and the ability to extend offers to top candidates.

Once new hires have started, they can be onboarded quickly through automated document collection and tools that help HR teams integrate them into the organization.

But recruiting and onboarding are only the beginning. Paylocity also offers customizable employee trainings, a social collaboration hub, performance management software, and plenty of other tools to keep employees engaged.

The role of human resources in a manufacturing company is crucial, as HR is responsible for managing the most valuable asset of the company: its people. This team (or individual) plays a vital role in developing and implementing policies and strategies that support the organization's goals and objectives. HR is essential for building and maintaining a productive, motivated, and diverse workforce that can help the organization achieve its goals and remain competitive in a rapidly changing business environment.