HR and Payroll Software for Government Services 

Offer a Best-in-Class HR Experience

Our HR and payroll solution is designed to streamline operations in the public sector. Reduces redundancies, simplify processes, and get access to the modern tools your employees will appreciate, enhancing productivity across your organization.

  • Automate essential tasks to focus more on strategic initiatives and less on manual processes.
  • Stay on top of compliance with automated updates about government regulations and standards.
  • Attract and retain skilled workers with seamless recruiting and onboarding experiences.

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Empower Your Workforce to Elevate Public Service

Streamline Government Payroll and HR Management

Transform your agency's HR operations with an all-in-one solution designed to replace outdated systems and reduce administrative burden.

  • Automate complex payroll tasks, ensuring accuracy and compliance with government-specific requirements.
  • Enhance employee engagement and efficiency with self-service tools for time reporting, benefits management, and payroll inquiries.
  • Simplify scheduling through modern time and labor solutions, tailored for the unique needs of the public sector.

Ensure Compliance with Ease and Precision

Monitor, manage, and measure compliance effortlessly, keeping your agency ahead of regulatory changes and requirements.

  • Stay informed with key updates and alerts for the latest governmental regulations affecting your operations.
  • Use our comprehensive Compliance Dashboard to monitor and manage compliance across all levels of your organization.
  • Integrate training management and compliance reporting within the same system, ensuring all staff are up-to-date and compliant with mandatory training and policies.

Recruit and Retain Exceptional Public Sector Talent

Enhance your recruitment practices with tools to attract top talent and deliver engaging candidate experiences. 

  • Craft compelling job descriptions with customizable templates to highlight the unique benefits of public sector roles.
  • Improve candidate engagement through streamlined communication tools, including two-way texting.
  • Promote diversity and reduce bias in hiring with advanced filtering features that help create a more inclusive recruitment process. 

Enhance Employee Engagement and Organizational Culture

Foster an engaged workforce, celebrate achievements, and streamline communication to enrich the employee experience and boost retention without breaking the budget.

  • Encourage collaboration and connection with an online communication hub.
  • Boost morale and recognize outstanding contributions with flexible, easy-to-use peer recognition tools accessible from any location.
  • Collect and respond to employee feedback in real time with intuitive feedback tools, helping you anticipate needs and adapt to changes effectively.

Seamlessly Integrate with Essential Systems

Overcome clunky tech and enhance operational efficiency with integrations that connect seamlessly to your existing technology ecosystem.

  • Access a wide array of essential integrations through the Paylocity Marketplace.
  • Simplify financial management with direct integrations to leading accounting software, for job costing and project-based labor tracking.
  • Leverage Single Sign-On (SSO) capabilities for secure, easy access across all integrated systems, boosting productivity and security.

The Paylocity Difference

Your Partner in Success

While you're juggling the demands of your business, our award-winning support is here so you always get the help you need when you need it.

Leading Product Innovation

We invest 15% of our revenue back into our product, so you can improve efficiencies, save time, and focus on your firm.

Empowering Employees

Give employees not only the power to access info like PTO balances and pay stubs, but a means to stay connected and better collaborate.

Supporting Public Sector Organizations Just Like You 

City Government Maximizes Value with Modern Solution

Paylocity brings HR at the City of St. Cloud, Florida into the modern world, unlocking huge time savings for the HR team, departmental managers, and employees alike.

Public Library Puts Community Service First with Smarter Scheduling

Improvements in scheduling, recruiting, and benefits administration put LPCPL’s employees and HR team in control.

All-in-One Solution Helps Public Library Write its Next Chapter

After splitting from the City of Boulder to become its own organization, Boulder Public Library District used Paylocity to build a skilled, productive HR team and a diverse workforce.

Buyer’s Guide: Make a Stress-Free HR and Payroll Switch 

Not all HR technology is created equal. Our guide helps you find the right solution that keeps your organization competitive and your workforce thriving. 

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FAQs on Payroll Software for Government Services

Paylocity helps your organization maintain compliance by providing robust tools to monitor, manage, and report on compliance effortlessly.

With features like automatic updates on regulatory changes and a comprehensive Compliance Dashboard, you can ensure that your agency stays ahead of governmental regulations.

Additionally, Paylocity simplifies training management and compliance reporting within the same system, making it easier to keep staff updated and compliant with mandatory policies and training.

Investing in the employee experience enhances the attractiveness of public sector roles and aids in employee retention. 

Paylocity's platform fosters an engaged workforce, streamlines communication, and enables easy access to recognition and feedback tools, which are crucial for a positive workplace culture. These features not only make government positions more appealing but also improve job satisfaction and engagement, which are key factors in retaining talented employees.

Delivering a seamless experience to your employees requires us to have access to very important and sensitive data. That's a huge responsibility that we take very seriously, and it's why we embed security and privacy controls into all we do. And we keep safeguarding of that data top of mind so that trickles down through our decision-making process — the technology we build, the infrastructure we use, and the way we educate and hire our people. 

We use third-party auditors to regularly assess our procedures, processes, controls, and infrastructure. These certifications reflect our commitment to data protection throughout our organization.

Learn more about our data security practices here.

The platform supports a wide range of integrations available through the Paylocity Marketplace, including accounting software, client project-based labor management tools, and custom integrations using open APIs. This allows for a smooth data flow between systems, helping overcome the challenge of integrating with potentially clunky, existing technology infrastructures.