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Tune in each week to hear thought-provoking interviews with industry leaders, compliance tips, coffee chats with human resources trendsetters, and the latest HR-related news.

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Introducing HR Mixtape

It's like nothing else out there: it’s the perfect mix of practical advice and stories that just hit different so that work doesn't have to feel! Not just for traditional HR. Mixed content for different types of leaders, industries and approaches. This mix provides various viewpoints making you a more rounded practitioner and leader. Whether you're buried in paperwork or just looking for a break from the grind, we've got your back with HR Mixtape.

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meet the host

Shari Simpson 

Senior Manager Thought Leadership, Paylocity

Shari Simpson is a seasoned HR pro with 16+ years of experience under her belt. As a multi-talented HR expert, she brings a fresh and veteran perspective to a variety of subjects, from training and development to talent acquisition and employee relations. Shari rocks the mic on the HR Mixtape podcast, where she drops knowledge with other industry legends. But she doesn't stop there - Shari is always finding new ways to elevate HR, payroll, and business pros, whether it's through speaking at national conferences, collaborating with other leaders, or co-leading a women's employee resource group. Get ready to level up with Shari!

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