HR and Payroll Software for Trucking & Logistics

HR Software & Services that Go the Distance

To keep your edge in an already competitive industry, you need HR and payroll software that keeps you ahead of changing employment regulations, shifts in staffing demands, and turnover.

  • Modern Payroll: Automate complicated payroll workflows and empower employees to access earned wages on demand.
  • Simpler Time Tracking: Streamline employee scheduling, time collection, and labor tracking, including shift differentials.
  • Reduce Turnover: Create connections and engage your workforce so you can keep your top talent.

Keep Pace With Employee Expectations

Wages on Demand 

Support your employees and attract talent by offering them an alternative to pay advances and high-interest payday loans.

  • Employees can view and request earned wages from the Paylocity mobile app and receive funds the same day.
  • Showcase actual earnings, not a prediction, during a pay cycle so employees can’t request more than they’ve earned.
  • Keep your payroll process intact — approvals and deductions are automatic, and Paylocity pre-funds the transfers.
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More Time, Less Labor     

Eliminate unplanned labor costs and minimize compliance risks.

  • Automate time tracking, including shift differentials, and stay on top of related regional regulations.
  • Streamline scheduling and communication and empower employees to swap or claim open shifts.
  • Allow employees to clock in with timeclocks, kiosk tablets, or their mobile devices.
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Automate Trucking & Logistics Payroll   

Reduce administrative burden and get peace of mind with automated payroll.

  • Create custom payroll workflows to automate processing for hourly, salary, commission-based, or other compensation structures.
  • Tackle your payroll taxes and lessen your burden of liability with assistance from our in-house tax experts.
  • Automatically add reimbursements to paychecks with data from an integrated expense management tool.
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Keep Your Workforce Connected

Connect and engage from anywhere with tools for employees to communicate with colleagues.

  • Streamline employee communication and reach all employees — even those who are remote, on-the-go, or don’t have corporate email or regular computer access.
  • Foster a culture of engagement with a social collaboration hub that mirrors platforms employees use in their personal lives.
  • Schedule, manage, send, and track engagement with mass announcements using a single dashboard.
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Connect with Existing Accounting Systems  

Seamlessly connect our end-to-end HR platform with other solutions to meet your needs.

  • Explore and activate any of the 350+ integrations in the Paylocity Marketplace.
  • Connect to other systems with easy-to-use open APIs.
  • Integrate with popular accounting and general ledger systems like QuickBooks, NetSuite, Xero, and more.
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The Paylocity Difference

Your Strategic Partner 

You're going the distance for your employees and customers, and we’re here to partner with you. With award-winning support, you’ll always get the help you need when you need it. 

Innovative Product Development

We invest 15% of our revenue back into our product, so you can improve efficiencies, save time, and focus on your business.

Empowering Employees

Go beyond simple self-service tools with a community collaboration hub, peer recognition tools, and integrated video.

Supporting Trucking & Logistics Companies Just Like Yours

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Logistics Company Gets into High Gear With Paylocity

In an industry where time is money and every mile counts, High Road Inc. turned to Paylocity for an easy-to-use modern HR and payroll solution that saves the lean team time.

0701020307A Casestudy Beemactrucking@2X

Trucking Company Switches Lanes With Paylocity

When premier transportation and logistics company Beemac Trucking shifted to an employee-owned stock option, the 35-year-old company needed an HR and payroll software provider that could scale with them.

Tansportlogistic BG Resourcelibrary 542294855

Find a Right-Sized HR & Payroll Solution 

Don't take your chances on a one-size-fits-all HR and payroll platform that doesn't scale. This guide helps inform and focus your search for the right HR and payroll solutions for your trucking and logistics business — today and for the future. 

Download the Buyer's Guide

FAQs on Transportation and Logistics Payroll

  1. You'll need to ensure you’re correctly classifying your drivers as either employees or independent contractors, since this will impact their taxes and benefits.
  2. Ensure you’re accurately tracking their hours worked, as many drivers are paid on a per-mile basis but may also be eligible for overtime pay.
  3. Stay up to date on the various federal and state regulations that govern trucking and logistics, as these can impact your payroll processing and reporting obligations.

It can be difficult to keep track of receipts, emails, and other logs of trucking expenses, but an expense management tool makes the process relatively easy. Paylocity’s expense tracking solution is simple for employees to use and eliminates the need for spreadsheets, calculators, and signatures by digitizing the process of submitting, approving, and reimbursing employee expenses.

Businesses in the trucking and logistics industry can reduce turnover by creating an engaged company culture. Engaged employees are more loyal, productive and happy than their disengaged counterparts — meaning higher profitability for your organization. By creating connections between colleagues and investing in your employees, you can build a workplace that will win and keep top talent.

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