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The modern supply chain moves fast, and today's employees and consumers have rapidly changing expectations, too, raising the stakes in an already competitive transportation and logistics industry. Keeping a tight grasp on operations and compliance is mission-critical to the health of your business, as is the ability to find and keep qualified talent. You need an HR and payroll solution that gives you an edge by keeping you ahead of changing employment regulations, shifts in staffing demands, and turnover. 

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Things change fast in the transportation and logistics industry, and you need an HR and payroll solution that can take those sharp turns with you. Use our guide to navigate the buying process.

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Keep Pace with Expectations and Demand

Compliance Training and Tracking on-the-Go

Tracking compliance training and accessing analytics reporting are critical but also extremely time-consuming and challenging, especially if they're being done manually. Many of your employees aren't at a desk in the office but in the warehouse, on the road, or at another remote location. Give them on-demand, mobile-friendly tools for learning that make tracking easy for everyone.

Uncomplicate Scheduling

Managing schedules, shift differentials, and related regional regulations can consume much of the workday. Empower your teams to focus on people and productivity rather than paperwork with real-time approvals, mobile punch, and geofencing. Create a central, easily accessible place for accurate, up-to-date schedules and data to help you maximize scheduling efficiency and forecast labor demand.

Connect and Engage from Anywhere

Because your workforce can be spread out, keeping your employees feeling engaged and connected is especially important. Whether a driver on the road, a warehouse worker at the loading dock, or a freight broker at a desk, they need tools to access critical information and communicate with colleagues from wherever they are, any time.

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Tackling your top challenges today is just the start to building a stronger future for your business.

more time, less labor

Keeping productivity up is a top priority and you can't afford to slow down. Our modern, mobile-friendly platform puts shift swaps, absence management, and labor analytics all in one place, accessible from anywhere. Our intuitive platform even allows them to clock in and out, request time off, and access important information like checks, tax forms, time sheets, and more from their phone.


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because it's more than a job

Give your employees the ability to stay connected to the company and each other wherever they are — the truck, the dock, or the desk. Tackle turnover and employee engagement with Community, our social collaboration tool, which is integrated into the same, mobile-friendly platform where they can view and manage their personal information, paychecks, and schedules.


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learning on-the-go

Our flexible, integrated solution lets you easily and effectively create, assign, and track learning on new procedures and compliance topics and can be scaled to meet your employees' needs in any work environment. Compliance is especially tough in today's rapidly changing regulatory environment. Lighten your burden by letting your employees take their learning on-demand with an app they can take on the road.


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accurate, easy, compliant

Simplify and automate payroll processes and tax compliance to relieve your workload and empower your team to do more at the same time. Modern solutions streamline your workflow while giving your employees mobile-friendly, self-service tools to manage their personal information. We can help make payroll management and compliance a breeze.


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Forward Together

Go beyond automation with collaboration and engagement tools like Community, LMS, and Surveys. Maximize your success with high-tech capabilities like predictive analytics, flexible integrations, and interactive video. Get to the next level with our modern HCM suite.

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Modern Tools That Evolve with You

Data Insights

Say "goodbye" to guesswork with robust analytics and powerful reporting. Make more data-backed HR and payroll decisions by monitoring key performance metrics, identify staffing and compensation trends, and forecasting accurately with intuitive dashboards.


Give your teams the freedom to stay connected from anywhere with easy-to-use tools. View paychecks, change personal information, download tax forms, approve time-off requests, submit expenses, and recognize colleagues all from your mobile device.


Have the flexibility to choose the software and systems that are best for your business and talk to each other. Automate the flow of data to and from the platform without the hassle of disparate data, time-consuming management, or poor user experience.

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