Year-End Resources

Get Ready for 2024

Year-End Readiness Kit

End 2023 strong with this Year-End Readiness Kit. From dates and deadlines to common questions, we have everything you need for this year-end season in one place!

9 Steps to a Successful Open Enrollment

Perfect open enrollment this year with these top steps for a smoother season.

Checklist: 10 Critical To-Do's at the End of the Year

Download this checklist and take the chaos out of year-end by ticking off the top 10 tasks during HR's busiest season.

ACA Deadlines and Dates Readiness Kit

Learn more about ACA deadlines and use this checklist to stay ahead of schedule. 

Tools to Lighten the Load

Ask an Expert

Launch a new Ask an Expert Group to give your employees one central place to go with their end-of-year questions.

Become a Communication All-Star

From Open Enrollment to updated policies, leverage our Community templates to keep your employees in the know.

Dash to the Year-End Dashboard

Get a comprehensive look into critical tasks you still need to complete with the Year-End Dashboard.

Make Tax Time Even Easier

Check out our integrations with Turbo Tax, Tax Act, and H&R Block to quickly and securely import W-2s.

Go Paperless for a Smoother Year-End


Avoid printed forms being lost, stolen, incorrectly addressed, or opened by unauthorized individuals.


Going green is free and benefits you, your employees, and the environment. We call that a win-win-win!


You and your employees get instant access to electronic forms—no waiting for printing and delivery!

Save Time with Mobile Options

Opt in to paperless forms and encourage your employees to do the same. You'll save time and money, and they'll get access to documents faster than ever, even on mobile devices.

Paperless Onboarding Solves Complex Challenges

Explore how one company streamlined time keeping and ran custom reports for a smoother payroll and year-end season. They went paperless, opening up more opportunities for new hires while saving time for HR.

Law Firm Balances the Scales During Year-End

Learn how one law firm freed up valuable time during the year-end season by automating performance reviews.

Power Through Year End with Product Training

From how to run reports to a paperless payroll at year-end, we’ve got it all. Tune into one of our dozen product training courses and explore how you can have a smoother year-end.

Legislative Updates in 2024

Visit Tax Resources to get the latest information on policy and form updates, legislation changes, and more. Also explore state-specific and other legislative updates on the alerts section of our resource library.

IRS: 2024 ACA Affordability Rate

Check out the new ACA Affordability Rate for 2024. Learn about the rate change and how to calculate.

Recap: 2023 Mid-Year Tax Review

Explore this breakdown on all the tax-related legislative changes that took place the second half of the year.

FAQs on the New Form I-9

Learn all about what’s changed with the new I-9 and what this means for your organization.

Form I-9 Alternative Examination

Here’s what you need to know about the Alternative Document Examination Method.

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