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You could easily spend your entire day keeping track of the latest employment regulations, scheduling requests, new-hire paperwork, and incoming applications. But you really want to focus on inventory, taking care of your people, and growing your business. Get out from under all the manual, time-consuming busy work with our top-rated, all-in-one HR management software platform that puts powerful, mobile-friendly tools for recruiting, scheduling, compliance, training, and data analytics in your hands.

Gain the Edge with the Right Solution

Use our guide to find an HR and payroll program that gets you out from under the workload of manually managing schedules and payroll so you can focus on your people.

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Tame and Tackle Turnover

Employee recruiting, onboarding, and training new staff steals away valuable time and resources when turnover is out of control. Hanging on to top employees and reducing your costs can make a big difference in your overall business health. Streamline your recruiting and onboarding workflows with intuitive employee recruiting tools and deliver key learning opportunities on-demand.

Unscramble Scheduling

Shift changes and time-off requests can make it challenging to keep schedules and payroll accurate and up-to-date, especially if you're doing it all manually. Let HR and payroll staff as well as managers focus on people and productivity rather than paperwork with a payroll solution that's packed with mobile-friendly employee scheduling tools for centralized, accurate schedules and streamlined payroll.

See Tomorrow More Clearly

Meeting the challenges of today effectively means you have to look ahead to tomorrow, too. To keep building a great experience for your employees and a healthy future for your business, employ Paylocity's HR management software. Our platform features robust forecasting and budgeting tools to help power your decisions now.

We're Just Getting Started

Tackling your top challenges today is just the start to building a stronger future for your business.

fast-track quality candidates

Your success as a company is built on your ability to find and win top talent and get them on the job quickly. Modern, intuitive, integrated tools help you eliminate the administrative load while offering a streamlined, engaging experience even before new hires step foot in the door.


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more time and peace of mind

Simplified and automated payroll processes cut down your workload and empower your team to do more. Modern solutions give your employees mobile-friendly, self-service tools to manage their personal information and even access earned wages before payday with On Demand Payment.


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flexible, accurate, and easy scheduling

Your managers and their teams have enough to do without worrying about manual schedule management. Shift swaps, absence management, and labor analytics are all in one place — accessible from anywhere — in our intuitive platform.


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Forward Together

Go beyond automation with collaboration and engagement tools like Community, LMS, and Surveys. Maximize your success with high-tech capabilities like predictive analytics, flexible integrations, and interactive video. Get to the next level with our modern HCM suite.

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Modern Tools That Evolve with You

Data Insights

Say "goodbye" to guesswork with robust analytics and powerful reporting. Make more data-backed HR and payroll decisions by monitoring key performance metrics, identify staffing and compensation trends, and forecasting accurately with intuitive dashboards.


Give your teams the freedom to stay connected from anywhere with easy-to-use tools. View paychecks, change personal information, download tax forms, approve time-off requests, submit expenses, and recognize colleagues all from your mobile device.


Have the flexibility to choose the software and systems that are best for your business and talk to each other. Automate the flow of data to and from the platform without the hassle of disparate data, time-consuming management, or poor user experience.

Don’t just take our word for it

Connecting Across 68 Stores

Weigel’s found an HR and payroll software provider who could help them navigate changing times as they scaled and adapted for growth.

Modern HR Eases Seasonal Hiring

Learn how Stonewall Kitchen’s small HR team was able to save on time and cost while managing its seasonal workforce and enabling paperless employment information with our HR and payroll solutions.

Consumer Experience to 2,000 Employees

Auto dealers with multiple locations face unique HR and payroll challenges, that's why Baxter Auto Group with locations across Nebraska, Kansas, and Colorado turned to Paylocity.

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