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Save Time & Grow Your Businesses

Get out from under the manual, time-consuming work with a user-friendly, all-in-one HR and payroll solution for retail and wholesale businesses. Leverage powerful, mobile-friendly tools for recruiting, scheduling, compliance, training, and analytics that puts the power back in your hands.

  • Easily track time, schedules, and labor for hassle-free payroll.
  • Win and keep top talent with tools to keep employees engaged.
  • Communicate with the whole team, no matter when and where they’re working.

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Run Your Store Smoothly, No Matter the Season

Payroll Made Easy

Conquer the basics, improve payroll accuracy, and make compliance a breeze. 

  • Automate payroll workflows so anyone can run payroll, no HR experience required.
  • Keep up with short notice workforce fluctuations without interrupting your processes.
  • Support overtime, on-demand pay, and prorated and retroactive pay.

Stay Connected to Your Store

Simplify management of retail employees, documents, and compliance.

  • Give employees access to a self-service portal where they can access pay stubs, tax documents, schedules, and more.
  • Streamline information collection, document collection, and task completion across your workforce.
  • Get access to HR consulting from in-house experts who are invested in your store’s success.

See Who’s Working  

Track hourly, part-time, and seasonal employees’ working hours and get powerful insights from real-time reports.

  • Automate scheduling, attendance, shift change requests, and workforce analytics using a single system.
  • Ensure compliance with labor laws related to minimum wage, overtime pay, and employee benefits.
  • Maximize efficiency and forecast labor demand.

Invest in Your Employees’ Careers

Win and keep top talent by offering career development, a proven part of retaining employees.

  • Design, assign, and track learning and development opportunities to advance employees.
  • Give employees 24/7 access to on-demand state mandated courses, OSHA safety trainings, and other certifications related to their roles.
  • Minimize the knowledge gap and inconsistencies across locations with shared, low-maintenance, scalable training courses.

Stay Connected Anytime, From Anywhere

Offer retail and wholesale employees a game-changing experience tools specifically designed to help them be more productive and satisfied.

  • Empower employees to view paychecks, request time off, and stay in touch with coworkers all within the mobile app.
  • Give access to a single source for directories, policies, or other resources to keep announcements, company news, and training assignments consistent and current.
  • Supervisors and managers can review schedule changes, check timecards, and approve time-off requests with ease from anywhere.

The Paylocity Difference

Your Partner in Success

While you're juggling the demands of your business, our award-winning support is here for so always get the help you need when you need it.

Leading Product Innovation

We invest 15% of our revenue back into our product, so you can improve efficiencies, save time, and focus on your store.

Empowering Employees

Give employees not only the power to access info like PTO balances and pay stubs, but a means to stay connected and better collaborate.

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Supporting Stores Just Like Yours

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Fast-Growing Fitness Chain Strengthens Its Employee Experience

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Furniture Producer Pivots HR Strategy for Explosive Growth

Before POLYWOOD could scale their business rapidly during soaring demand, they needed a platform that could do more than just payroll—and its existing ADP solution wasn’t up to the task.

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FAQs on Retail Payroll

Businesses in the retail and wholesale industry can reduce turnover by creating a company culture of engagement. Engaged employees are happier, more loyal, and more productive than their disengaged counterparts — meaning higher profitability for your organization. By creating connections between colleagues and investing in your employees, you can build a workplace that will win and keep top talent.

There are several ways to pay seasonal workers in retail, including:

  • Direct deposit: This method involves setting up electronic transfers of funds from the employer's account to the employee's account. This can be done through the employee's bank or credit union.
  • Payroll card: Some employers provide payroll cards, which are similar to credit or debit cards, to their employees. Payroll cards can be used to withdraw cash from ATMs or to make purchases.
  • Paycheck: Some employers may choose to issue physical paychecks to their employees. These can be handed out in person or mailed to the employee's address.
  • Electronic payment platforms: Some employers use electronic payment platforms, such as PayPal, to pay their employees.
  • Cash: Some employers may choose to pay their employees in cash.

It is important to comply with the laws and regulations of the country and state you are located in when paying seasonal employees.

Here are some ways you can use labor insights to manage your retail business:

  • Track and analyze employee hours: Ensure that you are scheduling the right number of employees for each shift, which can help to improve productivity and reduce labor costs.
  • Identify and address labor shortages: This can help you to take proactive steps to address these shortages, such as recruiting and training new employees.
  • Monitor and manage employee turnover: Identify patterns and trends that may indicate a problem with employee retention, so you can take steps to improve employee satisfaction and reduce turnover.
  • Analyze and optimize scheduling: Find patterns and trends that may indicate inefficiencies in your scheduling. This can help you to optimize your scheduling, which can improve productivity and reduce labor costs.
  • Improve performance: By tracking employee performance data, you can identify areas where employees may need additional training or support.
  • Maintain compliance: Confirm that your business is operating within the law, which can help to minimize legal risks and reputational damage.

Yes! Paylocity integrates with POS and other business-critical systems. Use our open, developer-friendly APIs to connect Paylocity to any solution you're already using. And if you need developer resources to get started, you can browse vetted service partners in the Marketplace.