Global Payroll

Seamless Global Payroll and Eased Compliance

Take control of your global operations and stop using spreadsheets, emails, and disconnected tools to set up and pay global employees. Paylocity and Blue Marble provide integrated global payroll with real-time access to aggregated payroll data across 100+ countries. 

Simplify Your Global Payroll

Minimize Disparate Tools

Reduce manual processes and compliance issues by creating, managing, and paying domestic and global employees in a single place.

Leverage Customized, Aggregated Reporting

Access reports by country or across all countries with our easy-to-use reporting tool.

Tap into Experts

A U.S.-based service team and direct access to in-country professionals relieve the headaches of managing foreign currencies, time zones, and unique compliance requirements.

Global Expansion and Consulting Services

Global Expansion Made Easy

Unique statutory and compliance requirements can make it challenging to expand your business into new countries. Let our global expansion and consulting services team help guide you.

Company Formation

We can help set up business entities and simplify compliance with local requirements in 100+ countries.

In-Country Bank Accounts

Our team can assist with in-country bank account setup to foster compliance with payroll funding regulations.

Compensation and Statutory Benefits

Stay competitive in each market with compensation and benefits packages that meet in-country requirements.

Talent Acquisition and Expat Services

We help hire in-country employees and manage expat employee requirements in each country.

Employee Documents

Get customized employment agreements and handbooks with up-to-date local labor regulations.

Labor Law Compliance

Help ensure compliance with local labor requirements with customized, country-specific labor updates.

Frequently Asked Questions

Global payroll refers to the tasks related to onboarding and managing payroll for international employees and contractors. It automates the process of paying international employees and maintaining compliance with country-specific laws, and it works as a single source of truth for HR to see data about the entire workforce. Modern global payroll providers like Paylocity offer company formation, business registration, in-country bank account set-up, statutory benefits, talent acquisition, and labor law compliance with their standard payroll services.

Paylocity and Blue Marble provide integrated global payroll with real-time access to aggregated payroll data across 100+ countries. 

In 2021, Paylocity announced the acquisition of longtime partner Blue Marble global payroll and began offering its services to clients. We now make it easy to manage US and global employees in one place with single-sign-on and aggregated reporting, and we provide a dedicated US-based service team to help clients with international employees.

A successful global payroll strategy comprises top tier people, technology, and expertise. Your people are your greatest resource, and it is crucial to have exemplary employees abroad — which means being deliberate with your talent acquisition process. Technology also plays a key role by leveraging automation to keep HR organized and compliant with in-country laws and practices. Finally, expertise in local requirements is essential to avoid the risks that come with employing international workers. 

With Paylocity, you get access to all of the above: talent tools, global payroll technology, and dedicated global payroll expertise — so you can build a successful global payroll strategy for your organization.