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Modernize Benefits Administration

Common tasks like open enrollment and processing plan changes can be repetitive and overwhelming. Paylocity simplifies it for you and has the potential to automate up to 80% of Benefits Administration responsibilities. Everyone benefits. Employees from companies of any size can enroll and access benefits info on the go and are enabled to be better consumers of a modern benefits experience. Moreover, Plan Managers reduce administrative headaches by managing Benefits in the same system as Payroll.

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Perk Up Your Benefits

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Benefits Administration

Pain-Free Management

Our user-friendly platform makes enrollment easy and helps employees see the value of the plans you offer and manage their own elections. Keep it simple with access to benefits credentials, account balances, and more–even on the go-with our robust mobile app. With powerful reporting, you can see the most popular benefits, contribution amounts, and more.

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Paylocity’s Employee Benefits Management platform on laptop and mobile

Flexible Benefits

Benefits Made to Order-Anytime, Anywhere

Administer third-party benefit services like FSAs, HSAs, TMAs, and COBRA with ease, and supplement your standard plans with complementary programs, giving your employees the choices they crave and the options they need.

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Enroll on the Go!

Paylocity’s Mobile App gives you the ease-of-use to enroll for benefits from anywhere. Select and review plans from your mobile device in the office, at home, or on the go. Add or change members or dependents from the convenience of your mobile phone. Review and submit elections to keep your benefits selections on track. Once employees are enrolled, they can access ID cards, check account balances, and more!

Frequently Asked Questions

Benefits administration software is a software solution designed to automate benefits administration. These software solutions typically have features for enrollment, premium calculation, medical expense deduction, and payments to benefits providers.

A payroll and benefits administrator applies compensation and benefits policies in an organization. They may calculate wages, process payroll, deduct benefits, lead open enrollment, and submit benefits applications.

To administer employee benefits, you must choose which benefits to offer, educate employees, hold open enrollment, deduction premiums, and pay benefits providers each month.

The four major types of employee benefits are medical insurance, life insurance, retirement plans, and disability insurance. Most other benefits fall under one of these categories.

Fringe benefits are perks you provide to your employees outside of salary. Some common examples include tuition reimbursement, life insurance, disability insurance, meals and snacks, free subscriptions, and more.

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