Benefits Administration Software

Modernize Your Benefits Administration Experience

Nobody should feel like they are going through Benefits enrollment alone. Administrators need easy to use benefits administration software to manage employee enrollments and employees need straightforward user experience for reviewing and choosing plans.

From mobile access to event notifications, reminders, and more, enrollment and day-to-day administration will be faster, smoother, and give you the confidence that you’re covered.

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Streamline Benefits for You and Your Employees

Empower Employees

Using Employee Self Service, employees can manage their elections, enrollments, and more. Ask an Expert groups can be created in Community, our employee communication tool, to help manage through any Benefits-related questions employees may have.

Enroll on the Go

Manage benefits, including open enrollment and flexible spending accounts from any device. Get real-time notifications on things like enrollment reminders and claim status so nothing gets overlooked.

Get Information Quickly

Prepare for open enrollment or reconcile new elections with reporting on the data you need such as open enrollment status, contribution amounts, plan election breakdowns and more.

Minimize Administrative Burden

HR events (like new hires and terminations) are automatically processed, which can reduce manual processing by 80%. You can even set up workflows to automatically request documentation around qualifying life events.

Automate Coverage Updates with Carriers

Send electronic data interface files to carriers to update employee coverage (after administrator approval).

Offer Flexible and Competitive Benefits

Configure various plan types from medical, dental, and vision to HSA, transit, and parking. Plans like HSA and FSA can be fully managed through the Paylocity portal.

Flexible Benefits

Administer third-party benefit services like FSAs, HSAs, TMAs, and COBRA with ease. Supplement your standard plans with complementary programs, giving your employees the choices, they want and need. Offer custom benefits – anytime, anywhere.

Checklist: 9 Steps to a Successful Open Enrollment

Success during this important season each year depends on more than what medical and dental benefits you’re offering. Learn more with our checklist.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Benefits administration software is a software solution designed to automate benefits administration. These software solutions typically have features for enrollment, premium calculation, medical expense deduction, and payments to benefits providers.

A payroll and benefits administrator applies compensation and benefits policies in an organization. They may calculate wages, process payroll, deduct benefits, lead open enrollment, and submit benefits applications.

To administer employee benefits, you must choose which benefits to offer, educate employees, hold open enrollment, deduction premiums, and pay benefits providers each month.

Fringe benefits are perks you provide to your employees outside of salary. Some common examples include tuition reimbursement, life insurance, disability insurance, meals and snacks, free subscriptions, and more.