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Perk Up Your Employee Benefits Management


The world of employee benefits management — all the options available and pieces to manage — can be overwhelming. Let us simplify it for you. Plan and administer competitive employee benefits packages in one place while offering a smooth, mobile-friendly experience for employees, too, with our Employee Benefits Management tool. Employees can access workplace benefits info on the go, and you can easily connect benefits with HR and Payroll to reduce costs and minimize risk.

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Employee Benefits Management Capabilities

Employee Benefit Services Made to Order

Administer third-party benefit services like FSAs, HSAs, TMAs, and COBRA with ease, and supplement your standard plans with complementary programs, giving your employees the benefits options they need.

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Pain-Free Management

Our user-friendly Employee Benefits Management platform makes enrollment easy and helps staff see the value of the employee benefits packages you offer. Give them the power to manage their own elections, and run reports to see the most popular benefits, contribution amounts, and more.

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Employee Benefits Management Overview

Customized Tools

Add your company's employee benefits plan enrollment rules, manage benefit offerings for different employee groups, customize user plan limits, view employee vs. employer cost-share, plan documentation, plan-specific messaging, and more.

A Consumer Experience

Let employees manage their own elections in Employee Self Service or the mobile app so they can understand their benefit options and get notified when they’re eligible to change their election.

Your Benefits Upgraded

Stand out to candidates in a hot job market. Offer competitive third-party benefit options such as mobile enrollment, convenient access to plan information, identification credentials, and in-app notifications.

Frequently Asked Questions

Benefits administration software is a software solution designed to automate benefits administration. These software solutions typically have features for enrollment, premium calculation, medical expense deduction, and payments to benefits providers.

A payroll and benefits administrator applies compensation and benefits policies in an organization. They may calculate wages, process payroll, deduct benefits, lead open enrollment, and submit benefits applications.

To administer employee benefits, you must choose which benefits to offer, educate employees, hold open enrollment, deduction premiums, and pay benefits providers each month.

The four major types of employee benefits are medical insurance, life insurance, retirement plans, and disability insurance. Most other benefits fall under one of these categories.

Fringe benefits are perks you provide to your employees outside of salary. Some common examples include tuition reimbursement, life insurance, disability insurance, meals and snacks, free subscriptions, and more.


Data Insights

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