Employee Onboarding Software

Engage Employees from Day One

Onboarding used to mean a day of paperwork at a conference table – without even meeting your new team! Paylocity’s onboarding software fully digitizes the process from any device, anywhere – even before new hires start! You can focus on running your business while employees complete their customized onboarding. They can even start using our communication and collaboration tools right away and start working with their team. New hires will feel engaged before they even start and ready to be productive before day one.

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Automate Onboarding While Driving Culture and Connection

Collect Documents

A wizard-driven onboarding tool takes new hires step by step through handbook acknowledgment, collecting emergency contact details, setting up direct deposit, submitting I-9 documentation, and more. Notifications can help ensure completion.

Get to Know Each Other

Send text messages to welcome new hires to your organization. Leadership can create video messages to introduce themselves and highlight company culture. This is also a great time to showcase social profiles so they can begin to put faces with names.

Provide the Tools to Succeed

Automatically assign and track new hire training in LMS to ensure new hires have the resources they need from the start — and of course to cover off on any necessary compliance-oriented training.

Keep a Pulse on Progress

Send 30-, 60-, and 90-day surveys to stay apprised of how new employees are acclimating.

Blue Ridge Companies uses Paylocity to increase engagement and connect employees from day one.

Watch how they did it here.

Create a Community at Work

Community, Paylocity’s social collaboration hub, provides new hires a unique way to meet their team and start their journey — from an ice breaker survey launched automatically in a team group with their direct supervisor and teammates, to org charts, file collaboration tools, and chat features. Employees can feel right at home with their peers and develop that crucial at-work social network without even setting foot in an office.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Onboarding software can help you manage the administrative aspect of new hire transitions, including collecting essential information such as tax forms, I-9 verifications, and direct deposit information. Paylocity’s onboarding solution also helps HR teams integrate new employees into the organization through features like customized welcome messages, automated pulse check surveys, and customized training.

Onboarding is an essential first impression between an employee and employer, and sets the foundation for workforce retention.  Onboarding improves the employee experience by:

  • Making employees feel welcome into their teams and company.
  • Helping support the new employee’s transition instead of spending hours doing paperwork.
  • Ensuring compliance.
  • Improving new hire productivity.

Onboarding software helps ensure these early goals are achieved and makes onboarding processes more streamlined and efficient.

Here are some top tips on how to use an employee onboarding system to improve your overall onboarding processes.

  • Invest in an automated onboarding platform that will streamline the administrative and logistical aspects of onboarding and set the stage for new hire success even before their start date. The right software will automate processes and save time so you can focus on making new employees feel welcome.
  • Focus on instilling belonging. It’s important for your new employees to feel connected to the organization and their team, so integrate interactions like personalized welcome messages and celebrating accomplishments through peer recognition as a part of onboarding – all of which can be done with an all-in-one onboarding software.
  • Send automated surveys to new hires through your onboarding software at set intervals. Use these to collect feedback on potential issues and adjust your processes accordingly.

For more detailed information, review our employee onboarding guide to learn how to make your new hire onboarding as seamless as possible.

Onboarding remote employees comes with unique challenges. Fortunately, a technology-forward onboarding experience is a great way to engage employees. Using an online onboarding portal to gather and process paperwork relieves administrative burden and creates more time to engage your new employees right away.

Research shows that a strong onboarding experience can improve new hire retention by 82% and productivity by more than 70%. Therefore, it’s critical to ensure new hires feel welcomed to the team, acclimated to and confident in their new role, and aligned with company philosophy.