HR Data Insights and Analytics

Meaningful Metrics on Your Modern Workforce 


Your workforce is evolving quickly and it's important to understand their changing needs. Use our workforce analytics dashboard and reporting tools to dig into employee trends and make more informed decisions. View real-time, visualized data to monitor key metrics and take strategic action. Take a data-driven approach with HR analytics software and get to know your people better.

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Human Capital Analytics that Work for You

  • View real-time employee data and performance metrics
  • Uncover and analyze employment trends
  • Make strategic hiring and budgeting decisions
  • Take action to build a diverse workforce

Modern Workforce Index

Stay in tune with your workforce with our patent-pending Modern Workforce Index. Gain visibility into system utilization, employee engagement, and organizational health with actionable HR analytics and advice to keep moving the needle.

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Bring Your Data to Life

Identify trends and analyze data surrounding ethnicity, gender, and generation.
Translate system usage into time and cost savings and employee engagement.
Analyze active or terminated employee counts to see turnover and change over time.
Position Management
Understand position-level data to plan for roles, make staffing decisions, and predict changes.
Pinpoint at-risk employees by analyzing factors like drive time and compensation.
Labor Costs
View a summary of labor costs and diagnose hidden overspend or top cost centers.
Recognize top turnover trends with bubble charts to identify areas to improve retention.
Powerful Reporting
Create, schedule, and “favorite” your custom reports, with a single database.
Image of Ted Gaty, SVP of Product & Technology, Paylocity

People Analytics: Q&A

How much time do you spend each week editing Excel spreadsheets to get the data you need? Discover why your experience with reporting and analytics should be different — and easy — in our interview with Senior Vice President of Product & Technology Ted Gaty.

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