About Us

Nice to Meet You

We're people who care about you and your people. It’s who we are. Always has been.

At Paylocity, caring is in our makeup. It’s who we are. We’re more than a cutting-edge HR and payroll tech company with crazy good reviews (just sayin'). We're people.

Because people matter most. And people have always been at the heart of our business. 

Since our founding in 1997, this is the thing that's stayed the same, from our employees to the millions of users nationwide that access our platform every month. We pride ourselves on partnering with our clients to build the workplace you and your employees crave.

That's us, in a nutshell. It's nice to meet you. Let's go forward together.

Our people are the Paylocity story.

Yesterday, today, and tomorrow are all about our people and building a culture that inspires them at work and everywhere.

Our swagger comes from our service.

That impressive product portfolio brings us plenty of pride, but our legendary service is what really gives us the strut in our step.

Our tech magnifies your superpowers.

We're always working to expand our product suite to help you tackle your "have to dos" so you can get to your "want to dos."

our people by the numbers

6,000+ Employees

We're growing. And we're growing fast, adding new faces each week across all teams to keep pace with our clients. It's a good thing our products make it so easy to welcome new teammates and keep us all connected.

36,000+ Clients

More than 36,000 clients are part of the Paylocity family. That's a lot of HR gurus, payroll peeps, and team players! We call them "co-creators" because they're our partners in transforming the workplace.

5,500+ Partners

Brokers, financial advisors, consultants, associations, and partners of all kinds sail right past their competition with us in their corner. We're ready to be tagged in to help you expand your services or raise your expertise.

We're here. We're there. We're everywhere.

Paylocity Near You

You're never far from a helpful Paylocity hand, virtually or in person. We're headquartered in Schaumburg, IL, but we also have a handful of other offices we like to call home. And our largely remote workforce is sprinkled across the U.S., keeping us close to you, wherever you are.

A Paylocity of the People

Want to know more about our company? From corporate governance to financial news, to the latest events and presentations — everything our stockholders, would-be investors, and financial analysts need to know about Paylocity’s business is all right here.

Our Leadership

Meet the leadership team that keeps us inspired to continually seek our vision, while living our values.

Professional Awards

The greatest reward is a happy client. But awards are nice too. They keep us humble and hungry.