Scalable, Tailored HR & Payroll Pricing

No matter the size of your organization, get the solution that matches your needs and is priced for your budget.

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A Custom HR & Payroll Plan That Fits Your Needs

Our flexible pricing plans and features give you the all-in-one platform you need today, tomorrow, and well into the future.

Discover how Paylocity delivers an integrated platform to manage the entire employee lifecycle.

Payroll Software

Streamline your payroll processing.

  • Automated and custom payroll workflows
  • Global payroll support for 100+ countries
  • Digital expense management
  • 30+ payroll audits with automatic alerts
  • Accurate, on-time tax filings
  • Flexible on demand payment options
  • Expert support with wage garnishment managed services

Human Resources Software

Minimize HR risks and maximize best practices.

    • Templated or custom workflows
    • 24/7 access through self-service portal
    • Compliance dashboard
    • Interactive compliance training
    • Centralized and simplified document management
    • Position and seat level management
    • HR consulting services

    Workforce Management Software

    Run your business like clockwork.

      • Time collection via mobile, web, kiosk, or time clock
      • Automated time and attendance tracking
      • Attendance reporting and notifications
      • Schedule management with rules
      • Easy shift claim and swap functionality
      • Location-based clock-in with smart geofencing capabilities
      • Establish shift rules to minimize compliance risk

      Talent Management Software

      Propel your employees’ progress forward.

          • Centralized candidate communication
          • Job board ROI data
          • Automated pulse surveys and training for onboarding
          • 360-degree feedback collection
          • Pre-made talent assessment templates
          • Compensation management based on business goals
          • 600+ pre-built learning and development classes

          Benefits Management Software

          Empower employees to enroll, view, and update their information.

            • Expert benefit support assistance
            • Admin analytics for open enrollment status
            • ACA compliance tracking
            • Electronic file feeds for carriers
            • Employee notifications around key enrollment dates
            • Dedicated benefit FAQ support groups for employees
            • Flexible benefits administration

            Employee Experience Platform

            Make your organization a great place to work with culture-building tools.

                • Social collaboration hub with chat and file sharing
                • Employee engagement dashboard
                • Employee surveys with text-based sentiment analysis
                • Employee satisfaction tracking
                • Peer recognition functionality with leaderboard features
                • Record and share video messages
                • Streamline internal and company-wide communications 

                Beyond Traditional HRIS Software 

                Manage your entire workforce and HR operations in an all-in-on solution accessible anywhere, anytime.

                    • 350+ seamless integrations with all your HR and business systems to unlock even higher levels of accuracy and efficiency
                    • Easy access to Paylocity on the go with our mobile app, for both employers and employees
                    • Templated and custom reports, plus easy access to key metrics like headcount, turnover, labor costs, and more
                    • AI-powered insights distilled from every employee interaction into a playbook for higher efficiency and engagement
                    • Benchmark and compare your performance to peers

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                    The Paylocity Difference

                    Award-Winning Customer Service 

                    With dedicated account managers and 90% of support calls answered in 20 seconds or less, you’ll get the help you need when you need it. 

                    All-in-One Suite Functionality 

                    Improve efficiency with a comprehensive solution for your core payroll and HR tasks so you can streamline and automate processes, save time and resources and focus on your people.  

                    Employee Experience Focused 

                    Paylocity delivers the experiences employees want and the self-service HR teams crave, driving communication, collaboration, and connection. 

                    Paylocity Product Pricing FAQs

                    Paylocity is priced per employee per month (PEPM) depending on the features you select for your plan. Our price per individual employee does not increase as your business grows.  So if your organization expands from 10 to 100 employees, your price per employee will not increase.

                    As a full HRIS (human resources information system) suite, Paylocity is customizable to fit your organization’s needs. We start with your core needs and offer additional features, such as video, a social collaboration hub, and a marketplace with hundreds of HR and business integrations, so you can create an ecosystem that works for you.   

                    Yes—we support you from day one! You’ll get timely, customized implementation and service to lay the right foundation so you can confidently use the platform. After you’re up and running, the personalized service continues to support your efforts and help you get the most from our tools.  

                    Switching payroll companies starts with new product demonstrations to find the solution that works for your organization. Once you have approvals from key stakeholders, it’s time to gather records and reports so you can seamlessly move all your data over.

                    Get the full step-by-step guide on switching payroll providers.

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