Checklist: What You Need to Make a Stress-Free HR and Payroll Switch

May 04, 2023

Keep this checklist handy to help you identify and switch to the best HR and payroll software for your organization.

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To succeed and stay competitive in today’s work environment, you need to stay as on top of changing employee expectations as you do with your customers. It pays to invest in HR and payroll solutions that go beyond saving your HR team time — you need software that improves performance and increases employee engagement.

There’s no shortage of options, but not all HR and payroll software is created equal. Knowing exactly what questions to ask key stakeholders and potential providers will help you make the best choice for your business, drive a smooth implementation experience, and accelerate a return on your investment.

Download our checklist to help you:  

  • Identify your unique organizational needs
  • Uncover priorities for stakeholders across the business
  • Evaluate providers and the software they offer

For more context, don't miss our full buyer's guide: Make a Stress-Free HR and Payroll Switch.

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