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We've included some of our most popular courses here, but you can find a complete listing of all our available courses in our catalog.  Our training is free and unlimited to our all of our customers. Options include our popular Virtual Instructor-Led courses and On Demand videos delivering targeted and focused self-paced content.


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Getting Ready to Manage Benefits

Approx. Length:
1 hours 5 mins (live)

Recommended Audience:

Suggested Courses:
Getting Started with Paylocity, Creating Connection with Community, Getting Ready for Your First Punch

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Manage Benefits with ease. In this lecture-style course, we’ll cover the tasks you need to get up and running with Paylocity's Benefits Enhanced product. We’ll explore the resources available to navigate and communicate with your employees about accessing their benefits. You will be able:

  • Use the administrative portal to approve/decline elections
  • Troubleshoot common issues
  • Run and interpret reports
  • Use and share employee resources

Getting Started with Benefits Enhanced

Approx. Length:
18 mins (on-demand)

Recommended Audience:

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In this training, we'll cover the basics of Paylocity's Benefits Enhanced solution, including:

  • Work with your Benefits Account Manager to setup Benefits Enhanced
  • Pending Enrollments
  • COBRA Rights and COBRA Loss of Coverage
  • Adding Benefit Content
  • Running the Benefits Census Report

Getting Started with Benefits Essentials

Approx. Length:
51 mins (on-demand)

Recommended Audience:

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In this training, we’ll cover the basics of Paylocity’s Benefits Essentials solution, including:

  • Explain the steps in the implementation process
  • Navigate the Benefits Essentials workspace
  • Add Benefit Content
  • Run Benefit reports