In the past several years, the use of mobile technology has streamlined the way many business departments perform everyday tasks. One department that’s poised for a dramatic increase in the use of mobile tech is Human Resources. This creates a unique opportunity for insurance brokers and financial advisors that work with business clients.


Organizations of all shape and size are beginning to recognize the value of mobile technology in HR. According to the 18th Annual Sierra-Cedar HR Systems Survey, the use of mobile technology in HR increased by 92 percent this past year, from 13 percent average mobile-enabled HR processes in 2014 to 25 percent in 2015. The survey also predicts an increase of 47-percent for 2016.


For Brokers and financial advisors that work with business clients, and specifically HR departments, recommending an HCM solution with advanced mobile functionality is a great way to provide additional value. One such solution is Paylocity’s Web Pay.


Paylocity’s solution is designed and continuously improved with a mobile-first philosophy. Perhaps more importantly, Paylocity utilizes feedback from clients to ensure the features and functionality of the solution directly improve the way typical payroll and HR tasks are done.


With the Paylocity Mobile App, employees can view paychecks, request PTO, or punch in/out right from their mobile device. This level of self-service functionality helps increase employee productivity and also boosts employee engagement by empowering employees to take control of their payroll and benefit information.


Employees aren’t the only ones that can benefit from mobile technology, though. Many benefits professionals are looking to mobile HR tech to help with benefits enrollment and communication within their organizations. According to EBN’s second annual technology survey, 38% of respondents plan to increase their spending on technology next year, with 44% having already increased their spending from 2014 to 2015.


With Paylocity’s Web Benefits solution, payroll and HR professionals can streamline the enrollment process by customizing enrollment rules, managing eligibility groups, and easily updating t life events- all from any laptop or mobile device. Adding announcements and customizing content on benefit enrollment pages also helps to ensure employees are always empowered to complete their enrollment in a timely manner.


By delivering this level of mobile functionality to clients, brokers and financial advisors can easily set themselves apart from the competition and further enhance the value proposition they provide to their clients.


To learn more about the benefits of Paylocity’s mobile functionality, click here.