The Affordable Care Act (ACA) has been a hot-button topic for a while now, with countless organizations immersed in the challenge of managing its reporting requirements. While the ACA gained momentum and ultimately went into effect, Paylocity is using our expertise in the marketplace to educate impacted organizations and develop tools to simplify maintaining compliance.


Building on our goal of delivering an industry-leading ACA experience to new and existing clients, Paylocity released ACA Enhanced in mid-2015, a robust solution that provides full compliance and reporting for the ACA. Since releasing this, Paylocity has experienced the following successes:


  • The ACA Enhanced solution represents a recurring revenue stream and is billed on a per-employee per-month basis.
  • Paylocity trained our services teams to interact with current clients, driving high attach rates.
  • The majority of Paylocity clients with 50 or more employees signed up to use ACA Enhanced during the second fiscal quarter.
  • The proactive approach Paylocity has taken with clients positions the company to prepare more than 1 million 1095s.


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