On September 30, 2016, the Department of Employment Services (DOES) will be making changes to the Unemployment Insurance Tax Collections process.


DOES will begin issuing monthly bills to all employers and agents with balances due. These balances will be generated from the District of Columbia Unemployment Insurance Tax system of record, not the online Employer Self-Service Portal (ESSP).


Details about the Change

In October 2014, DOES launched ESSP to allow District of Columbia employers the ability to access and service their accounts for Unemployment Insurance Tax purposes. During that time, DOES ceased the issuing of hard copies of monthly bills from the District’s system of record to employers and agents that have a balance due. The agency is currently enhancing the online service portal (ESSP) and the system of record (DUTAS) connection, in an effort to provide more seamless self-service capabilities and improved functionality.



As DOES continues to implement updates and enhancements to ESSP to improve the user experience, they may encounter a few minor issues that ensure the system is correctly calculating credits, debits, and incoming payments. DOES anticipates that some employers and agents may have a discrepancy with their balance, and could receive a bill from the District’s system of record that does not reflect the amount owed via ESSP.



Employers and agents that see discrepancies between the bills they receive via mail and the amount displayed in ESSP, should refer to the hard copy of the bill issued from the District of Columbia system of record. For the most part the system of record (DUTAS) will have the accurate amount; which would be reflected by the bills that are issued.



Due to expected high call volume, for an expedited response, DOES urges employers and agents that may have questions regarding their bills to make a formal request by emailing the Help Desk at atessp.info@dc.gov.


This information can also be accessed on your DOES Employer/Agent Self Service Portal at https://essp.does.dc.gov/.


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