Before implementing Paylocity, the organization was managing all of their payroll, HR, and benefit information with the old-fashioned, manual paper-and-pen method. They also found it challenging to administer a uniform onboarding process because their employees are located across the country.

Company Profile:


Real Estate/Development Industry
Size: 78 employees
Location: Barrington, IL

Key Benefits:

  • Improved HRIS capabilities
  • Reduced cost
  • Streamlined onboarding process

The Solution:

With Paylocity’s Onboarding module, the client was able to streamline their onboarding paperwork and collect necessary signatures on company documents before employees ever came into the office. This process change allows employees to begin training on day one, rather than waste time on administrative tasks.


“We were able to save 20K annually in payroll processing fees while providing a better, faster and more high-tech product to our end users.”

The Results:

  • Saved $20,000 annually since implementing Paylocity through automated processes
  • Better informed employees regarding benefits and performance expectations
  • Employees are more informed about their benefits and performance expectations
  • Reduced new hire paperwork completed onsite by two hours per employee

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