Profiles in Resiliency:

Tales from the Pandemic

Sharing is caring! Let’s help each other during the coronavirus pandemic and share best practices, stories and tips on how you are handling this as HR and payroll professionals! You are the touch point between businesses and their employees during this public health emergency, so we want to hear your perspective.

Please answer the following questions, and we plan to feature the stories you share in our blog over the next five weeks along with your name and company. This has proven to be a unique time for HR leaders and businesses across the country, and sometimes sharing your story can help others learn and build on the experience! We're in this together!



Let's get started!

1. How have you, as HR/Payroll leaders, been impacted and adapted during the COVID-19?
2. What has been your biggest challenge and how have you overcome it? Or are you still struggling with it?
3. What measures have you taken to help ensure employee safety?
4. Have you had to roll out any additional tools to help manage the business?
5. What tools/resources provided by Paylocity have been most impactful?
Would you be interested in participating in a virtual roundtable discussion hosted by Paylocity in the coming weeks?
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