The Importance of Value Alignment and Bringing Your Whole Self to Work

April 25, 2024

Kicking off a journey filled with growth and supportive leadership at a workplace that values inclusivity and sustainability.

Tara Maynard Headshot

By: Tara Maynard

Implementation Consultant | Paylocity

As a self-described queer rebel who studied geography and sustainability in college, human resources and payroll wasn’t exactly on my radar. In September 2020, after long-COVID left me unable to continue in my position at Starbucks, a former customer-turned-friend referred me to Paylocity. I started as an Account Manager, and while the move was unexpected, it kicked off a journey filled with growth and supportive leadership at a workplace that values inclusivity and sustainability. 

Career Growth and Exploration  

Prior to Paylocity, I always tended toward leadership in my roles, but I realized early on that my trajectory here would be unique. Still driven to seek the next challenge, I explored every tier of Account Management before I brought that experience to Implementation. I joined an Enterprise Payroll Implementation Consultant team in November 2022. Despite being anxious to tackle a completely new set of skills in another individual contributor role, I have found a dream team where my leadership prizes and supports my determination and my fellow Implementation Consultant IIIs make every day an opportunity for improvement in a supportive space.

The Impact of Implementation  

Implementing complex clients is a monumental responsibility. Their time with our department shapes their initial experience with Paylocity and truly sets the tone for their future success. As a member of one of the more tenured teams in Enterprise Implementation, I have benefitted from my teammates’ wealth of knowledge and unwavering commitment to partnership. Despite an ever-improving and evolving product, our shared goal remains clear — ensuring our clients have the best possible experience during what is inevitably a huge change to their daily processes, as well as accounting for any potential roadblocks, not only within implementation, but beyond with a consultative approach to our work. 

Work-Life Balance and Personal Growth  

In conjunction with career development, the benefits package at Paylocity has been truly life-changing for me and my family. Since starting at Paylocity, I’ve had two major surgeries that required medical leave. Without fantastic health insurance and generous time off policies, taking time to heal would not have been possible. The ability to increase my pay-rate as I explore roles and develop professionally has also had a tremendous impact on the quality of life for my family. Perhaps even more importantly, Paylocity creates a culture where I can exist authentically as myself without fear of judgment or discrimination.

Involvement in Employee Resource Groups 

One of the perks I was most excited about during new hire training was Paylocity’s Employee Resource Group program. The ability to participate in projects that I’m passionate about outside of my everyday responsibilities has further increased my excitement for this company. Through these groups, our employees can contribute to impactful changes within Paylocity.

I am honored to serve in a leadership capacity within our Sustainability and Equality ERGs (Employee Resource Groups). As Zero-Waste Taskforce Leader with Sustainability, I have seen our ERG leave indelible marks on every office floor — through composting, driving paperless initiatives, adding in-office gardens, and sourcing sustainable options for company swag. In summer 2023, I was offered the Events Co-Chair position within our Equality ERG and have been continuing the work of streamlining events across our offices and for fellow remote, queer co-workers and allies. Being a part of ERGs here at Paylocity allows participants to contribute to impactful changes in our company. 

For me, all of these opportunities add up to addressing my whole personhood. Paylocity’s company culture, commitment to inclusivity, and focus on sustainability along with support from my leadership and the freedom to continuously learn have not only facilitated my professional growth but have contributed to my overall well-being. I am so grateful for the diverse and inclusive workplace that Paylocity offers; where my values align, and I can truly be myself.