About TrakPay

Pay-as-you-go Workers Comp (paygo WC) software vendor that helps Paylocity payroll clients connect their Workers Comp insurance policy to ANY insurance carriers for reporting of payroll and processing of premium payments. API-connected, automated reporting with Intuitive Error Fixing & Smart Endorsements to ensure accuracy & policy compliance.

Paygo WC with ANY Carrier

Easily setup paygo WC with ANY insurance carrier that allows billing to be based on payroll reports.

Seamless Payroll Reporting

Save time by automating payroll reporting to your insurance carrier for your paygo WC service.

Intuitive Error Fixing

Intuitive interface for assigning WC state-class code combos not tracked in your payroll system ensures accuracy of reporting.

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How It Works

Ability to move employee data between TrakPay and Paylocity including:

  • Adding new employees
  • Updating employee info
  • Updating terminated employees

Workers Compensation data can be shared with carrier each time payroll is processed